【2 Years Warranty】Takagi Shower Head Water Pressure Booster - TKG

RM97.80 RM97.80( / )
  • Shower Head (with switch) JSB022
  • Basic Shower Head JSA022
  • Metallic-coated Shower Head (with switch) JSB022M
  • Basic Shower Head JSA022 + Capsule JSC001
  • Shower Head (with switch) JSB022 + Capsule JSC001
  • Metallic-coated Shower Head (with switch) JSB022M + Capsule JSC001
  • Metallic Ring Shower Head (with switch) + Capsule JSB222
  • Capsule JSC001
  • Capsule JSC003
  • Shower Hose (1.6m)
  • Shower Head (with switch) JSB022 Buy 2
  • Basic Shower Head JSA022 Buy 2
  • Metallic-coated Shower Head (with switch) JSB022M Buy 2

Takagi Shower Head Malaysia - With option: Chlorine Removing Capsule

Best in Japan, now in Malaysia! Designed to boost water pressure, it is made of extremely fine holes creating soft skin contact. Easy installation, water-saving, and compatible with chlorine filter. Free shipping with 2 years warranty provided. 

1. Showerhead which is easy to install without tools.
2. High-density shower, 234 ultra-fine water holes
3. Helps boost water pressure
4. Water-saving type
5. The shower screen is removable and washable
6. Gentle flow with soft skin

Compatible with 99% of water heater (eg. Panasonic, LG, Joven, Livinox, Alpha) 

 Country of origin: Vietnam

【Chlorine Removing Capsule x2 】 JSC001, JSC003

  • thoroughly removes chlorine in the water
  • estimated timing of replacement: 2 months


【Takagi Shower Hose 1.6m】

  • No tools needed for installation
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all Takagi shower heads

Country of origin: Japan

Requirements for a refund:

  • Damaged item upon product delivery.
  • Unable to install shower head (even after trying installation methods suggested by customer support)

 Also, read here on how to clean your shower head for cleaning purposes.



  1. 淋浴头,无需工具即可轻松安装.
  2. 高密度淋浴,234个淋浴孔均匀排列,温柔的接触皮肤.
  3. 均匀地形成高密度压力
  4. 节水,低压型.
  5. 淋浴屏可拆卸、可清洗.
  6. 温柔的接触皮肤


适用于99%的淋浴热水器 (如:Panasonic, LG, Joven, Livinox, Alpha)

原产地:  越南

【淋浴专用净水滤芯x2】JSC001, JSC003 

  • 过滤水中的氯
  • 预计更换时间为2个月
  • 原产地:  日本
  1. 产品在发送时损坏。
  2. 无法安装花洒头(即使尝试了客服建议的安装方法)