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Product Name・Size / Volume Hiorie 8 Layer Gauze Blanket Made in Japan <Double> 175cm×200cm 1160g/ 1 pieceProduct Characteristics・Unprecedented softness and fluffy volume・ Comfort of 8-layer gauze・ Difficult to get stuffy and clean night sweats・ The gentle touch of cotton gauze that is comfortable all year round・ Natural wrinkle feeling that...
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Product Name・Size / Volume
Hiorie 8 Layer Gauze Blanket Made in Japan <Double> 175cm×200cm 1160g/ 1 piece

Product Characteristics
・Unprecedented softness and fluffy volume
・ Comfort of 8-layer gauze
・ Difficult to get stuffy and clean night sweats
・ The gentle touch of cotton gauze that is comfortable all year round
・ Natural wrinkle feeling that blends into the skin the more you use it
・ Soft texture that increases with each wash
・ Vintage-like nuance color

Product Description
A gauze blanket with luxurious volume and a melting touch.
Woven with 8 layers of gauze, providing plenty of air, and you can feel the fluffy volume and softness.
Experience the extraordinary comfort of the 8 layer gauze that cannot be produced in a limited factory.
Cotton gauze has excellent water absorption and breathability.
Whether used in summer or used between a comforter in winter, it will not get stuffy so you can use it comfortably all year round.
As it has a gentle touch, it is also recommended for those who are not good at synthetic fibers and those who have weak skin.
Wrinkle detailing create a natural mood.
The more you use gauze, the softer and more fit it will be on your skin, so it will make your daily rest time a blissful time.
If you are concerned about night sweats or dirt, it can be easily washed at home.
Every time you wash it, it absorbs air and becomes softer.
As it is gauze, it dries quickly and can be used in a clean state at any time.
It has a vintage mood coloring that feels a little gray with a crumply texture.

How to Use・Precaution
1) Handling of towel products
・ Due to the characteristics of the towel, there will be fluffing. Be sure to keep new towels separate from other towels.
Please use after washing with plenty of water and then drying in the sun.
The fluffing is reduced after several times of repeated washing.
・ The use of fabric softener may cause the fluff to not disappear, so be sure to use the specified amount after the fluff has subsided.
・ Please note that using the dryer for a long time may damage the towel and cause fluffing and shrinkage.
・ Please do not use bleach.
・ Dark colored items may cause color transfer, so please wash on its own.
・ Since gauze products are delicate, please use the internet when washing and shape them before drying.
・ Please note that leaving it wet for a long time may cause mold and odor.
・ Use scissors to cut any loose thread that comes out due to catching.
2) Precautions for drum type washing machines
If you are using a drum type washing machine, the texture of the towel may be poor and the fluff may be easily removed. Please check the instruction manual of the drum-type washing machine you are using before washing.
3) Regarding the colour of the towel
Please note that because it is a 100% natural cotton material, there may be a slight colour difference depending on the lot.


Product Breakdown
8 Layer Gauze Blanket x 1 piece

All Materials
100% Cotton

Country of Origin