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Pinky Body Shiny White Supplement (180 tablets) - YUWA - Japan Premium Malaysia

Pinky Body Shiny White Supplement (180 tablets) - YUWA

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Reveal the confident & attractive you today with Pinky Body Shiny White Supplement!
Suitable for those who are:
- concerned about freckles
- aiming for beautiful skin

Contains brightening ingredients such as:
1. L-cysteine
It is an amino acid in which two molecules of L-cysteine are bound, and it is contained a lot in beef, mutton, milk, salmon, flour etc. It suppresses the formation of melanin, which causes dark spots. It also has a function to detoxify skin and whitening effect.

2. Vitamin C

Nutrients with antioxidant properties as well as helping to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin C gives elasticity to the skin, cosmetic effect of preventing spots, improving immunity and enhancing resistance to stress. Also, because it is water-soluble and there is no worry of overdoses as excess vitamin C will be automatically flushed out by the body.

How to take

Recommended to take 6 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water. Better absorption when empty stomach ( in morning 30-45 minutes before meal).

Doesn't pose any damage or harmful side-effects but it's worth noting that having a dosing schedule is important. Have it before your meals, once every day to see a difference. If you consume it in excess, it can get unabsorbed or lead to gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea.

Reduced maltose starch syrup, vitamin C, L-cystine, cellulose, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, vitamin B 12, vitamin B 6, vitamin B 1, vitamin B 2

Made in Japan