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Discover the best Japanese foot massage home slippers that provide comfort and relieve your foot pain instantly.

Refre Acupoint Foot Massage Slippers are designed to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the foot. It has also been touted for positively impacting the corresponding organs and tissues of the body and helps to relax the muscle, minimize headaches and digestive issues

Keep your feet protected always with these best Japanese slippers for men and women.

    • M size (23 - 25 cm)
    • L size (26 - 28 cm)
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • Light Blue
    • Orange
    • Grey
    • Light Green
    • Dark Yellow
    • Dark Brown
    • Dark Blue
    • Black
    • Maroon
    • Army Green

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    Get a foot massage, every time you take a step.

    Closely fit the sole of your feet and softly stimulate various reflexology points. Each slipper will gently wrap your tired feet. 

     Suitable for everyone, especially for:

    • Prolonged standing workers who want to ease foot tension.
    • Office workers who want to relieve muscle tension.
    • Fitness people who need deep tissue relaxation.
    • Elderly people who want to improve mobility.

    Relax and Refresh Your Feet

    Available in 2 sizes slippers for women and men, and a few colors you can choose from. 

    1. Massage Point: Toe
    Colour: Dark Brown & Beige

    2. Massage Point: Big Toe
    Colour: Dark Blue & Light Blue

    3. Massage Point: Foot Sole
    Colour: Maroon & Orange & Black& Grey

    4. Massage Point: Foot Arch
    Colour: Dark Yellow  & Yellow

    5. Massage Point: Heel
    Colour: Army Green & Light Green


    1) Refre Slippers are easily washable. However, only handwashing is advisable.



    Q: I usually wear shoes of size 7, what size should I order?
    A: M Size

    Q: Is the Refre Acupoint Foot Massage Slippers washable?
    A: Yes, hand wash is recommended.

    Q: Is it smelly?
    A: No, it is breathable and odorless even after long wear.