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Discover the best Japanese foot massage home slippers that provide comfort and relieve your foot pain instantly.

Refre Acupoint Foot Massage Slippers are designed to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the foot. It has also been touted for positively impacting the corresponding organs and tissues of the body and helps to relax the muscle, minimize headaches and digestive issues

Keep your feet protected always with these best Japanese slippers for men and women.

    • M size (23 - 25 cm)
    • L size (26 - 28 cm)
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • Light Blue
    • Orange
    • Grey
    • Light Green
    • Dark Yellow
    • Dark Brown
    • Dark Blue
    • Black
    • Maroon
    • Army Green

    A savior of acne-prone sensitive skin

    Discover our #1 Ultra-Repair Cica Balm, uniquely formulated for all skin types. This ultra-hydrating cica balm repair cream helps prevent acne, improve acne scars and enhance skin regeneration. For all skin types, even sensitive skin.

    JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm was originally sold exclusively by a Korean beauty clinic in Seoul. Ranked No.1 on Japan’s skincare awards and achieves 97.3% in user satisfaction level!

    What does Cica Balm do?

    • Skin's PH level: Balance your skin’s oil and water levels
    • Acne Care:Reduce acne scars/marks appearance
    • Anti-aging: Protects skin from UV rays which cause aging

      Super effective anti-acne ingredients

      Ultra Repair Cica Burm can be used as a moisturizing cream. Formulated with a combination of deer ingredients from Korea and four traditional oriental herbal extracts, the cica component has the ability to regenerate and repair the skin, making it highly effective against recurring acne and other skin problems.

      With continued use, acne scars will gradually disappear, the roughness of the skin will disappear, and the skin will become healthy.
      • Deer + traditional Japanese and Chinese plant essence
      • Centella asiatica plant extract
      • Vitamin E and Vitamin B5
      • Olive oil

      Perfect skin care for all skin types

      • Free from all 7 types of additives
      • It does not contain any additives that can harm your skin and can be used even on sensitive skin.

      JeogSeoul, a doctor's cosmetic prescribed by a Korean clinic, is a skin care brand developed using ingredients that are uniquely prescribed by a Korean skin clinic. JeogSeoul is a brand developed with the goal of addressing skin irritation, the most common skin problem, and making it easy for anyone to take care of their skin without going to a clinic.

      The content of Ultra Repair Cica Cover is sustainable for about 1 month even if you use it twice in the morning and at night.


      Effective oil control face wash for men

      Suitable for all skin types including normal, sensitive, oily and combination skin. Cica balm is the perfect skin care product that can be used as an aftercare after sunburn, even in the summer when the skin is exposed to UV rays and in the dry winter.

      • Brand: JeogSeoul
      • Product Content: Ultra Repair Cica Balm 55ml x1
      • Expired date: Oct 2023

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        1) Refre Slippers are easily washable. However, only handwashing is advisable.



        Q: I usually wear shoes of size 7, what size should I order?
        A: M Size

        Q: Is the Refre Acupoint Foot Massage Slippers washable?
        A: Yes, hand wash is recommended.

        Q: Is it smelly?
        A: No, it is breathable and odorless even after long wear.