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SLOW & GLOW Face wash (150ml) - SNG
SLOW & GLOW Face wash (150ml) - SNG
SLOW & GLOW Face wash (150ml) - SNG

SLOW & GLOW Face wash (150ml) - SNG

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Product characteristics

・Pore care:
Wrap your skin with bubbles and contained sea silt (sea sediment) to remove sebum and pore dirt

・Contains moisturizing ingredients (pomegranate seed oil, sea silt), but there is no feeling of tightness after washing the face

・Because it comes out as bubbles from the bottle, you do not need to make bubbles.

・Reduces the burden on the skin as it wraps your skin with bubbles

・99% of raw materials are naturally derived and 10% of raw materials are organic

・Obtained the organic certifications "ECOCERT" and "COSMOS ORGANIC"

・Natural scent of orange, lavender and rosemary

Description of item

Organic face wash with 99% natural ingredients. Gently wrap your skin with fine foam, and Seasilt extract cleans sebum and pores. A beautiful skin and a moisturizing ingredient such as pomegranate seed oil are added to give the skin firmness and moisturization which makes skin thoroughly moisturized.


[How to wash your face]
① Take 3-4 pushes and gently wash your face as if you wrap it in foam.
② After that, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.

[Foam pack method]
(1) Grab 5 to 6 pushes for 30 seconds to 1 minute, wrap the entire face with foam and pack.
② After that, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.
③ Please keep your skin moist after the mask.

Sebum dirt clogged in the pores melts out and waste products on the surface of the skin also float up, which makes your skin brighter and eliminating the problems of dull skin.
The time to cover your face with bubbles should be 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Please note that leaving it too long may cause the skin to dry out.

Slow and Glow

Product breakdown
Face wash 150ml x 1

All ingredients
* Organic cultivation
Water, orange fruit water*, diglycerin, decyl glucoside, cocoyl glutamate 2Na, glycerin, sodium cocoyl glutamate, crismum maritimum extract, pomegranate seed oil*, coix seed extract, gardenia growing point cell culture, sea silt extract, BG , Orange peel oil*, rosemary leaf oil*, lavender oil*, Na levulinate, Na anisate, xanthan gum, tri(caprylic acid/capric acid) glyceryl, oleic acid polyglyceryl-10, (caprylyl/capryl) glucoside, laurin Acid polyglyceryl-10, citric acid, sorbic acid K, benzyl alcohol

Country of origin