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SUZUKI HERB Probiotics Face Wash 50g - SZH

SUZUKI HERB Probiotics Face Wash 50g - SZH

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Three features of Suzuki Herb Probiotics Face Wash:

1. Suppresses the growth of bad bacteria and makes the skin easy to grow
Soapnut extract combination
The organically-grown soapnuts extract has the function of removing acne bacteria and bad bacteria that causes itching. It cleans pores which could cause of rough skin and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria for beautiful skin .

2. Deliver healthy skin barrier keys "lactic acid bacteria"
Obtained a patent! Lactobacillus La Flora EC-12 ® * 1 compound increases beneficial bacteria for beauty skin.
Contains the same lactic acid bacteria as lotion. In addition to creating the source of moisture, it also protects the barrier function and supports from dryness to shine. It also cares for skin to resistant to irritation.
* 1 A lactic acid bacterium that has been confirmed as safe as a raw material for cosmetics. La Flora EC-12® is a registered trademark of Ichimaru Falcos Co., Ltd.

3. Charge the moisture and elasticity while removing the dirt
Contains plenty of milk-derived moisturizing ingredients and plant placenta ingredients to keep the skin moisturized even after washing. Gently wash off dirts.