【2 Years Warranty】Takagi Shower Head Water Pressure Booster - TKG

RM94.50 RM104.99( / )
  • Shower Head (with switch) JSB022
  • Basic Shower Head JSA022
  • Metallic-coated Shower Head (with switch) JSB022M
  • Basic Shower Head JSA022 + Capsule JSC001
  • Shower Head (with switch) JSB022 + Capsule JSC001
  • Metallic-coated Shower Head (with switch) JSB022M + Capsule JSC001
  • Metallic Ring Shower Head (with switch) + Capsule JSB222
  • Capsule JSC001
  • Capsule JSC003
  • Shower Hose (1.6m)

Tried several ways to increase water pressure but nothing works?

Then you should definitely try Takagi Shower Head!

Best in Japan, now in Malaysia! Designed to boost water pressure, it is made of extremely fine holes creating soft skin contact. 

  1. High-density shower, 234 ultra-fine water holes
  2. Easy installation with 2 Years Warranty
  3. Increases water pressure in the shower
  4. Manufactured according to Japanese quality standard 🇯🇵
  5. Ultra soft water flow for a relaxing home spa
  6. Compatible with 99% of the Malaysian water heater (eg. Panasonic, LG, Joven, Livinox, Alpha) 

Ultra-fine water flow, soothes the skin

The size of the outlet hole is 0.3mm, the number and width of the holes are carefully calculated, mild and non-irritating

Wide shower: the diameter of the range is up to 20cm - expand the shower range to a more suitable water outlet range to meet consumers' needs for a large shower range

Ultra-fine water flow: using 0.33mm pores - pressurized spray plate, the water flow is delicate and abundant, and the hair roots are washed finely and concentratedly

Ergonomic handle: easier to hold, the handle part is slender, and children can easily grasp it.

Designed for kids & babies

Your little ones deserve the best things in life, which is why you should look at the best shower head in Malaysia for kids and babies. With even 234 hole sprays that have been designed for a soft, gentle yet concentrated cleansing. These holes of only 0.3mm ensure a delicate water flow that will caress the skin gently. 

  • Best for kids
  • Gentle water flow


On/Off Switch Button, makes showering convenient

Just one press to stop the water flow immediately, convenient for mothers to shower their babies.

More intimate, more convenient, more power saving.

Shower with purified water now

Experiencing dry skin and hair loss during shower? You're probably showering with chlorinated shower water! Takagi Shower Head Filter Chlorine Removing Capsules help to remove chlorine from water & wash away harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Chlorine Removing Capsule is suitable for those who:
  • has a weak or sensitive baby-like skin
  • care about skincare and hair care
  • feel the irritation of the skin due to shower, or the odor of calcium

Comes in 2 types:

  • JSC001 (compatible with JSA022, JSB022, and JSB022M)
  • JSC003 (compatible with JSB222)
Estimated timing of capsule replacement: 1 in every 2 months
1 box contains 2 units of capsules that will last approximately 4 months.

Easy installation, no tools needed

Here are some simple steps to install Takagi Shower Head:

  1. Rotate counterclockwise to remove your shower head.
  2. Turn clockwise to tighten Takagi Shower Head with the hose.
  • Compatible with 99% of household hoses in Malaysia
  • OK to be used with water heater

 Also, read here on how to clean your shower head for cleaning purposes.

  • Maximum usable water pressure: 0.7Mpa (&kgf/cm²)
  • Recommended water pressure: 0.05~0.2MPa (0.5~2kgf/cm)
  • Heat resistance temperature: 60°C
  • Material resin: ABS resin, Polyacetal
  • Rubber material: EPDM, NBR


What to do if the water leaks?

  • Directly remove the black gasket on the shower head
  • Check whether there is a leather pad in the hose interface, if not, it needs to be added