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Yuwa Super Boin Boin Breast Enlargement Bust Up Diet Plus Tablet 加强版丰胸修身丸 - Japan Premium Malaysia

(Pre-order) Yuwa Super Boin Boin Breast Enlargement Bust Up Diet Plus Tablet 加强版丰胸修身丸

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This product is a cute pink supplement containing bust up beautifying ingredients for women such as Pueraria mirifica, royal jelly, western dandelion, fish collagen, resveratrol and more.

This product is a cute pink supplement containing pleasant ingredients for women such as Pueraria mirifica, royal jelly, Western dandelion, fish collagen, resveratrol and so on.


Pueraria mirifica: a female hormone-like substance whose active ingredient is called Miro Esterol in a plant belonging to the genus Labiatae. It is said to be a component similar to the follicle hormone "estrogen", and in addition to bust-up, it is expected to be effective in relieving symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalance such as menstrual irregularities, menstrual pain, rough skin, and menopausal symptoms.

Royal Jelly: Includes essential amino acids rich in high-quality protein and contains vitamins, minerals, etc. in good balance. It is also said that medicine of longevity since it is effective for strengthening, tonicism and rejuvenation.

Western dandelion: Digestion, blood purification, promotion of breast milk secretion, relief swelling

Fish collagen: skin tension, moisture, arthralgia

Resveratrol: Recently, the most notable effect is to prevent cell death and promote longevity. It can also prevents spots, freckles, wrinkles, sagging etc. by removing reactive oxygen that causes skin to aging and activating metabolism.

How to take:

Recommended to take 5 tablets daily with water.


Granulated sugar, lactose, end of guarana, end of pueraria, end of royal jelly FD, end of dandelion, fish collagen, grape fermented extract powder, crystalline cellulose, eggshell calcium, vitamin C, niacin, calcium pantothenate, V.B1, V.B6, V .B2, V.B12, shellac, calcium stearate, gelatin, gum arabic, fine silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, talc, carnauba wax, coloring agent (carminic acid coloring matter)


BOINBOIN女性丰胸丸!给女性120%的特别满足​! 优美的胸部曲线可是女人们的骄傲哟!想胸部再大一个si​ze, 想成为曲线美人,每天只需服食2~4粒就能实现您的梦想​, 特别适合因纤体而令胸部变得细小和没时间去体操房锻炼的​人群。 服用疗程時间及效能视符个人体质而定,吸收能力高的女性​, 一般1至2星期,感觉胸部开始涨大,服用1至2盒後, 乳房线条饱滿挺实,如可以豆浆及鲜奶同時送服加強效率。 当达至满意效果便可服量减半,以维持最佳效果和作为美肌​之用。 停服后,除非身体健康情况有重大改变,如生病, 过度减肥和饮食失调等,一般正常情况下是绝对不会变回。 全天然成份,汉方配方,可以放心使用。 月经不调的 MM 还可以帮助每月月经规律调理内分泌效果非常好。 符合日本保健食品局之出品要求。


每天 2 至 4 粒,连续服用 25 到 50 天,早餐同時送服效果更好。


成年女性每個月也會有一次丰胸黃金机会, 就是在女性生理周期的最后几天時间, 由于月经期间身体排走大量身体內废物, 所以在月经末段時候的几天起, 身体需要补充大量失去的养份, 故吸收力特別強, 就像刚生完小孩后身体需要进补一样。 所以在这時候服食再春館的美形 Super Boin 滿足度120%是最为容易吸收, 能促進胸部再次发育, 紧記的是在來经首天到最3天可以的话請暂停服用直至到第​4到5天服用可加倍服用或加倍连续服用5天, 效果會特別显現。

由于每位女性体质吸收能力都不一, 所以服用再春館的Super Boin滿足度120%時, 份量可作适当的调整, 如果想加速效果可以用牛奶送服, 如对牛奶有敏感人士可改用豆浆, 建议选用脫脂加鈣奶, 可避免吸入太多脂肪还可以補充钙质吸收。

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