“Are you paying for the quality? Or for the brand? We believe that quality goods should also be affordable.”

- Yoshi Kashima, Founder of Japan Premium

We are the 1st e-commerce store in Malaysia that links Japanese brand owners directly to consumers (D2C). We aim to make premium a part of fellow Malaysians' lives by catering high quality products at affordable pricing. Our mission is to enrich customers’ quality of life.

Our story - Curated by Malaysians for Malaysians

Japan Premium was founded by Yoshi Kashima in 2015, a Japanese entrepreneur who’s currently residing in Malaysia, with the mission to cater premium quality products at no hidden costs. That makes Japan Premium the 1st e-commerce store in Malaysia that links Japanese manufacturer directly to consumers (D2C).  During Yoshi’s stay in Malaysia, he fell in love with Chin, a sweet Malaysian lady from Sabah & got married. Being married to a Japanese, Chin got to try many products that Yoshi brought from his hometown in Japan. She realized the fact that many good quality products from Japan are not found in Malaysia. Based on Chin’s feedback as a Malaysian consumer, Yoshi has selected a few products to sell at Japan Premium.

“I was genuinely surprised by the quality & effectiveness of the products from Japan! The prices of the products were also affordable. Since then, I have decided to introduce more quality products from Japan to the Malaysian public. From then onwards, I have been curating products suitable for the Malaysian market from a consumer’s perspective.”

- Cannie Huoy, Japan Premium brand ambassador


D2C Concept (Online Exclusive) That Eliminates Hidden Costs

We believe that product cost is a good indication of product quality. Most of the products sold at Japan Premium are designed for e-commerce sales directly to customers (D2C).  The concept of D2C has gradually become a global trend. Direct to Consumers (D2C) means that products are being sent from brand owners directly to consumers. In this way, extra fee such as middleman mark up and retail costs are eliminated in the process and there will be no hidden charges imposed on the selling price.  We are a Direct to Consumer Concept Premium Goods Store that serves to enrich customers’ quality of life. With the D2C model of Japan Premium, the average product cost is approximately 69% of the selling price, whereas with traditional business model often seen with many other brands, the product cost usually only make up 22% of the selling price. At Japan Premium, we sell high quality goods at reasonable prices. We also eliminated mark up due to middleman & retail costs, giving our customers the best value for money.


Signing contracts directly with Japanese D2C brands from skincare to lifestyle items

From 2015 to 2021, we have successfully signed contracts with approximately 100 reputable D2C brands in Japan, making us the exclusive distributor of these brands in Malaysia. We also bring in multiple award-winning products chosen by the Monde Selection & Rakuten Rankings. We cater mainly skincare products and home & living products that help enhance our customer’s home living experience and boost productivity while working from home.

Seamless Shopping Experience

We provide peace of mind, happiness, and the ultimate online shopping experience. This ensures that what you're buying from us is of great quality & 100% authentic. We have made available a wide range of beauty & home-living ready-made stocks for fast delivery. Japan Premium members are entitled to enjoy special discounts, free samples & exclusive services. Our friendly, local Customer Service team is here to provide quick & comprehensive support via Whatsapp and email. Contact us - we're happy to help!