I stopped switching shower head brands after I found this!

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how to end your low pressure shower problem

It's so hard to look for a good quality and durable shower head for low water pressure that won't break easily.

Did anyone facing the same issue like me where I’ve bought quite a lot of shower heads but none of them can last more than a year? On top of that, the water pressure is extremely weak as well that caused me wasting up a lot of time to rinse off those shampoos/conditioners.

Broken showerhead

Many showerheads in Malaysia claimed that they are high quality, however, they end up broken easily due to cheap material used 😥. I really hope that there’s some high quality showerhead which helps to boost up low water pressure, long-lasting & user-friendly with reasonable price.

I then started to research on different types of shower head & found that there’re actually a number of varieties in the market. I quickly made a comparison between 2 shower heads that first caught my eyes - China Amazon Hot-Selling Handheld Shower Head and a Japanese-branded Takagi Shower Head👇


Comparison between normal shower head and Takagi Shower Head


It seems like Takagi Shower Head is way better! I then looked on Shopee to check if it’s available and surprisingly it’s actually one of the best-selling Japanese shower head with lots of positive reviews! 

Takagi Shower Head Shopee Review


Wondering if it is compatible with my water heater and I actually found that it’s compatible with local water heater brands such as Panasonic, Alpha, Joven, LG, Livinox and more! Okay, I decided to give it a try!!

So basically Takagi Shower Head has 4 different kinds of models. I’ve made a simple yet understandable table as follows to show the differences between each of them:

4 different types of Takagi Shower Head models

However, all of them are having the same functions where:

💦 Boosts water pressure during shower
💦 Ultra comfort with 0.3 mm water flow
💦 Tools-free easy installation


So you just choose any of your preferred designs!😁

It comes with 2 years warranty too.

🤞 if there's any damages upon delivery
🤞 if it's still unable to install the shower head with the assistance of our customer support


I have bought a set of JSB022 (with on/off button) + chlorine removing capsule for my first try.

Takagi Shower Head from Japan Premium
Takagi Shower Head filter

I love how it helps to stop water flow immediately with one press and it’s really convenient while showering with my kids. The water flow is super soft without feeling any stinging pain. 🍃🍃

Soft water flow from Takagi Shower Head

With the use of chlorine removing capsule, which I can shower with purified water and it feels really safe for my families’ health care!

Takagi Shower Head installation method

For the installation method, it is super easy without using any tools!

How to install Takagi Shower Head

I rotate counterclockwise at first to remove my previous shower head...

Easy way to install Takagi Shower Head

and just turn clockwise to tighten with Takagi Shower Head . That’s it - easy peasy right! 

I’m really happy with the increase in water pressure and it makes shower so relaxing!

Takagi Shower Head before and after

Look at my previous one😣

Takagi Shower Head before and after

AND NOW - can you guys spot the differences?! 😍

Takagi Shower Head before and after

It feels like it helps to wash away my tiredness after a long-day work and I really looking forward to get in my shower every single day! Great material is used and manufactured according to Japan quality standard ❤️💚 makes it super durable & long-lasting! 🤗

How to clean Takagi Shower Head

Another feature which I really impressed is that - I can remove the shower screen for cleaning!😮

How to clean Takagi Shower Head
  1. Rotate counterclockwise to remove the cover
  2. Rinse the cover with clean water
  3. Rotate clockwise to tighten cover
Takagi Shower Head removing capsule/filter

As for the Chlorine Removing Capsule, it comes with 2 capsules in a pack - which means it can lasts for 4 months (1 capsule = 2 months). It is made in Japan with the latest filtration technology, great value for purchase isn’t it!

Showering with Takagi Shower Head

My hair and skin doesn’t feel dry like before anymore after showering with Takagi Chlorine Filter!😄

The ways to install chlorine removing capsules with Takagi Shower Head is super easy too!

How to install Takagi Shower Head Chlorine Filter

You just need to follow the steps stated above!

Takagi Shower Head logo

Takagi's logo facing outwards

Tips to handle leaking from Takagi Shower Head
P/S:  A little tips from their customer support if there's any leaking issue occurred 😁


I definitely recommend to you all as for its great improvement in water pressure and you definitely need no worries on couldn’t install or fit with your water heaters as it comes with 2 years warranty too! I’m gonna buy few more for my families along with the chlorine filters to let them enjoy the best shower moment which helps to relax body and mind too. ❤️❤️

High pressure Takagi Shower Head

If you're wondering on where to buy this super quality shower head, here you go! I bought it at Japan Premium, the best Japanese online store in Malaysia! 

And if you're also looking for a pretty decent but trusted brand of shower head with filter from Japan, then, Japan Premium store has it all. They have everything ranging from premium skin care products to home & living products! Super affordable and high quality too! 


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