I just ain't worried about tightness after washing my face anymore

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Should your skin feel tight after washing? If the skin feels tight after washing, your cleanser is too strong for your skin type.


Using products that are too strong for your skin can wreck your skin’s natural barrier, which reduces your skin’s moisture level and causes you to lose your glow.

Your skin cells need moisture in order to be healthy. If you’ve noticed dry patches and tightness of your skin together with fine lines or wrinkles after face wash, you should change your daily face wash that helps in moisturizing your skin.

Make sure that your daily cleansing focuses not just on remove dirt and particles, but also on restoring your skin’s moisture level


This is my dry and wrinkled skin after face wash. 😥 After doing some research, I found that dehydrated skin looks and feels rough, wrinkled and aged. Besides, skin condition tends to decline as we age.

Aging signs due to delayed turnover cycle

New skin cells are created in the bottom layer of the epidermis, the stratum basale and gradually move up to the upper layer and finally reach the top stratum corneum. After that, it will naturally peel off as red and old keratinous cells. This series of skin renewal cycles is called “turnover”.

The number of days in the turnover cycle is generally said to be about 28 days for people in their 20s. However, the number of days tends to increase with age, and it is said to be about 45 days for people in their 30s and 40s.

However, it is not uncommon for turnover to be disturbed not only by age, but also by skin dryness and UV rays due to incorrect skin care, stress and nutritional imbalance, disordered lifestyle, lack of exercise, etc.

So, I started to look for anti-aging face wash that is suitable for my sensitive skin.



How I got my skin dryness after washing treated

Through a recommendation from a friend from Japan, I was very fortunate getting to know Vintorte Botanical Moist Wash, a gentle and non-stripping cleanser with the power of minerals and plants, born in Kyoto, gives us beauty!

Formulated by botanical water and plant stem cells to refine our skin tone and texture, hydrates and refreshes, decreases blackheads and pores, and helps reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Wow! 😍



Vintorte Botanical Moist Wash is a facial cleanser that gently cleanses dry skin without rubbing it while leaving moisture in the dense foam. It can remove light make up and sunblock, improves absorption of lotion after wash which holds the moisture in your skin.

The dense foam acts as a cushion to prevent friction on the skin while gently removing mineral makeup, sebum clogged in pores, and dirt.


It just does not perform regular washing. Cleansing ingredients derived from plants and silkworm cocoon extract thoroughly remove dirt from pores while leaving essential moisture and oil on the skin.


It was formulated with combination of 5 types of human ceramides and 3 types of plant stem cell extracts give moisture and firmness to sensitive skin and improve the skin barrier function.


9 additive-free formulations for sensitive skin thorough quality control from Japan domestic production.

After using it for a month, I’ve noticed my skin becoming moisturized and smoother, with less visible pores and fine lines. In fact, my skin has never been better! 😍 This is so perfect for my sensitive skin.



How to use? 

Step 1: Pre-wash with lukewarm water. Take out an appropriate amount (2-3cm) on a lightly wet lathering net and lather it well.


Step 2: Remove the foam from the net, put the foam on the sebum-rich areas in the order of the forehead → nose → cheeks → eyes → mouth, and wash gently so that the foam wraps the skin.

Step 3: When the foam spreads over the entire face, rinse about 20 times with lukewarm water of 32-36℃. Rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any residue behind.


To get rid of my dry and wrinkled sensitive skin, I look forward to kick start my day with Vintorte Botanical Moist Wash every morning. The whole face wash process gets so relaxing and I love it so much! 🥰

For people who are having sensitive skin like me, you have nothing to worry about! It is non-irritating and suitable for all skin types!

Positive reviews from many Japanese users

Here are some of its reviews:


Model (33 years old), dry sensitive skin

 After washing, I feel refreshed, but my skin is moist without feeling tight.



I bought it from Japan Premium with Free 1 Foam Net and their customer services are super good and helpful! 

Noticing that huge improvement in my skin where it gets more supple and looks younger after using it for only a month, I will definitely continue to use it for better results!

When is the timing to start aging care? I would say the earlier, the better! We should start anti-aging skin care as early as 20s. A dry and unprotected skin would definitely age faster than hydrated and protected skin. So it’s best to get your right cleanser, which would eventually help in keeping the skin young and healthy. 

You will definitely in love with Vintorte Botanical Moist Wash once you start to use it!

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