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Blackheads & clogged pores persist even after using facial scrub every day? Can they really cleanse your skin thoroughly while maintaining moist skin?

If you’ve noticed dry patches of your skin together with blackheads and clogged pores you’re not alone! 

I tried to do deep cleansing methods like clay and charcoal mask to clean my clogged pores. BUT!! The results weren't satisfied me. 


Visible pores were too bothering me. Had tried some peeling effect skincare like AHAa and BHAs, it felt like burning and my skin turns more sensitive and redness after those serum.


One day, I was chatting with my cousin, Sophia, who was studying in Japan before. She has flawless skin and a glassy look which I'm dreaming of all this time. Which surprised me as I remember her skin condition was same like me before study in Japan. 

I told her about my skin troubles and she introduced me a soft jelly facial scrub Japanese cleanser. She also told me that previously she had serious blackhead problems and she tried many products including going for facial treatment… None of that works until she tried to use this amazing Moisturising Face Wash with botanical scrub


It’s Pluest Mannan Jelly Hydro Wash, a new concept of non-foaming moisturizing face wash which cleanses dirt and remove blackheads from pores with the power of unique moisturizing & beauty ingredients while restoring the skin’s repair function at the same time! (It’s like scrub but soft can be used daily) Wow!

As usual, before I start to try a new product, I will research whether the product is legit! 

Guess what? 

It was developed by beauty dermatologists and allergy tested for dry and sensitive skin. It also passed 3 tests as below:

PLUEST Mannan Jelly Hydro Wash Cleanser is a hydrogel which made of Mannan derived from konjac - a natural, water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of the elephant yam. “Konjac” is a Japanese food which is traditionally eaten as a vegetarian food that contains powerful moisturizing ingredient. Specially formulated to remove dirt & impurities from skin without stripping off those essential sebum. At the same time it is safe for sensitive skin!

No more dry patches and irritating skin with this dermatologist-approved cleanser!!


It just does not perform regular washing. It thoroughly cleansers dirty pores

Hydrogel decomposes dirt within the pores and dead skin cells, which makes them float to the surface, while Mannan Jelly promotes their discharge. Finally they became entangled with the viscosity of the gel. 

Apart from that, the moisturizing power of the hydrogel makes it possible to moisturize the skin before removing it and suppresses the evaporation of water during face washing! Dirt is firmly absorbed and washed away without drying out the skin.

I can see huge improvement on my skin after using Pluest Mannan Jelly Hydro Face Wash

After using it for a month, I noticed that my blackhead has reduced and pores become lesser. It is noticeable during the face wash!
No irritating or burning feeling. My dull skin gets brighter than before! 😍I really love how it helps to improve my skin condition within a month! A gentle scrub with moisturizing ingredients may be just what my routine needs. This is so perfect for my sensitive skin!

Through clinical studies, Pluest has been proven to increase skin moisture by approx. 30% after use with the power of natural konjac jelly, moisturizing extract and 12 combination of Japanese, Chinese and Western herbal extracts. Moisturizing the skin is believed to help the skin restore its natural repair function. It is effective against skin troubles that is caused by dry skin and leads to radiant clear skin.

Moreover, Pluest contains 7 skin beautifying effects such as whitening & skin cell renewal, pore-care, smoothing, reduces wrinkles and promotes skin's blood flow by massaging the skin. This Mannan Jelly soft scrub mimics the experience of being in a sauna—both for relaxation and unclogging pores. I'm feeling like just leaving the spa after every time use.

I also found out that it was ranked No.1 on Japan’s skincare awards and achieved 93.8% in user satisfaction level. No more doubt! This is the best face wash i’ve ever tried.

This face wash also famous in China!!Tried by many beauty users and introduced by many magazines.


How to use? 


I normally wet my entire face with water or lukewarm water first, and then take a 500 yen coin size of product (2g) and place it on my skin without lathering.

After that, start to gently "massage" my face using the tips of your finger to roll the mannan grains. Face washing is complete when fine bubbles derived from natural ingredients begin to form. 


Next, rinse ever corner of my face gently with water or lukewarm water. When I do not feel the jelly’s lumps, it is a sign that the rinse is complete. Lastly, gently wipe my face with a clean, dry towel.

The whole face wash process gets so relaxing and I look forward to it every single day! 🥰


For people who are having sensitive skin like me, you have nothing to worry about! It is non-irritating and suitable for all skin types even for childrens!


Model (31 years old), dry sensitive skin

I bought it from Japan Premium with Free Shipping and their customer services are super good and helpful! 

Noticing that huge improvement in my skin where it gets more supple and no more redness occurred after using it for only a month, I will definitely continue to use it for better results!


It’s really important for us to choose the right cleanser so as to prevent aging and achieve radiant clear skin easily. You will definitely in love with PLUEST Mannan Jelly Hydro Wash Cleanser once you start to use it!


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