5 Best Japanese Sunscreens You Should Definitely Try

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Which Japanese sunscreens have you tried so far?

There are so many choices of sunscreens to choose from in the drugstores nowadays. However, Japanese sunscreens are always a cut above the rest. They are widely-known for their lightweight formulas and amazing skin benefits. One of the main reasons why many people from all over the world fall in love with Japanese sunscreen lotions is that they are not heavy or feel greasy.

So, if you’re still wondering on “which Japanese sunscreen should you try?”, I have picked 5 best-selling Japanese sunscreens in 2021, so that you can catch the current trend in Japan! Find the best sunscreens you should definitely try, from the highest quality to the most affordable ones.


Vintorte UV powder


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This Japan-made Vintorte UV powder sunscreen is super effective and affordable for it’s premium quality. The fine formula never feels heavy and offers an extra layer of coverage for those light makeup days. Plus, it’s free from all chemical additives, making it safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. It can be used as a makeup setting powder without making your skin feeling or looking dry on the skin.

Another bonus? It’s also added with natural pure silk that helps keep skin moisturised and smooth.


Bblab UV


If I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the water, this is my go-to sunscreen. PH Moist Veil UV from BBlab is a gel-type waterproof sunblock that comes with a refreshing herbal scent that is quickly absorbed into the skin. This product is formulated with ingredients that not only protect but also nurture beautiful skin. Though waterproof, it also washes off easily with soap and water, so it’s easy to use on the face & body.


Canmake mermaid


My sister first introduced this holy-grail sunscreen to me, and according to my Japan Premium account, I've purchased it 5 times. Aside from being a sunscreen, it also claims to act like a moisturizer and primer. It pretty much helps smoothen out my skin before I put any makeup on. It gives you the prettiest glow that lasts all day. Considering the quality and price of this sunscreen, I’ve given this my TWO THUMBS UP and consider this as my holy grail products must haves.


NALC Sunscreen

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Have you ever heard of NALC brand before? They are so well-known in Japan and even ranked No. 1 in Rakuten!

Best thing about NALC Sunscreen is - No paraben, fragrance, alcohol or harsh chemicals that can upset your skin. Therefore, it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, non-sticky, and waterproof with no white cast sunscreen - this one is for you. It has a moisturizing effect, and also plays a role in fighting wrinkles due to its high sun protection index.

Still unsure if this product is for you? Check out the comparison between NALC sunscreen VS ANESSA sunscreen here and make your decision.




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What if you already have wrinkles and dark spots from years of unprotected sun exposure?

Fret not, DERMED Premium Series comes with their ultimate UV Base product best for anti-aging. A luxurious option for sure, but all DERMED products are worth the investment. If you want something that can be used as a makeup base that provides both skin care and aging care, I highly recommend this. I fully plan on ordering a new tube as soon as mine is finished.

If you haven't try them out, you SHOULD! And then compare the differences between local-made sunscreens with these Japanese sunscreens - only then you know why do I love these stuffs so much.

However, all these amazing Japanese sunscreens are hardly found in Malaysia (that's a bummer 😩), BUT..

I know a place where you could buy all these for affordable prices! I don't know if I'm doing justice for myself (I don't want the stock to run out!), but here's my favourite Japanese Online Store Malaysia where I usually do my skincare shopping. Now that my secret has been revealed, I hope you get to try them out and leave some for me to restock my sunscreens for the latter!


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