Stop using your girlfriend's or partner's skincare product! It might make your skin condition worse.

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I'm a project manager in my early of 30 years old. I believe that most men may be like me. Before the age of 20, I used to clean my face with just tap water. 

I started using skin care products because I wanted to look attractive among women. My boss has also pointed out to me that I need to take care of my skin in order to appear decent in front of our clients. 

Before this, I used to share the same skincare products with my girlfriend. I have even purchased skin care brands that are meant for females for my own use. Extra scents, additives and harsh chemicals make my issues worse in many cases especially I'm suffer from acne, scarring, overly oily skin and sensitive skinIt is also a troublesome for me to think of those bottles.

After doing some research, I found that men’s skin is different from women, primarily due to the effects of thicker skin, signs of aging and shaving. 

1. Thicker skin

Men's skin is 25% thicker than women's. As the blood supply and oil glands in men are more active, the follicles on men's skin secrete more than two to three times more oils/sebum than women which tend to make the skin looks shinier & oilier. Men’s skin is not exposed to the same hormonal variations as women’s. They have larger pores and more prone to acneTherefore, you need to better protect your skin and get rid of excess oils.

2. Signs of aging

Men have a higher collagen density than women. Lucky, right? In fact, a woman’s skin is about 15 years older than a man’s of the same age. Signs of aging appear later for men, but when they do, they occur more quickly and more fully formed. Men are less sun savvy than women and UV damage from the sun can add years to a man's skinDon’t wait for your facial skin to start aging, because at that point it’s already too late. 

3. Shaving stresses the skin

The act of shaving puts added friction and stress on your skin. Every shave gets rid of your top layer of skin cells. The exfoliation is great but it exposes a more sensitive layer of skin that's prone to irritationOver-sensitive skin demands more pronounced care.

These surprising facts might make you realize that facial skincare is just as essential for men as it is for women. Skincare was never meant to be complex, and simple routines but straightforward, simple routines can give you new youth and vitality.

Thus, men needs skincare products specially designed for men! 

Recently, I discovered this brand known as BULK HOMME. 🇯🇵 MADE IN JAPAN – BULK HOMME’s advance skincare lineup is formulated in Japan, which feature rich new sensations and scientifically-proven ingredients that have been perfected for my daily routine. 

BULK HOMME is an award-winning skincare brand specially formulated for men where the product design is based on minimalist style, and the visual aspect is in line with male aesthetics. The design of the wash and sunscreen series not only meets the needs of men's basic skin care, but also reduces the difficulty of your choice. It is used & recommended by many celebrities worldwide including the famous French footballer, Mbappe & the Japan pop stars, Kimura Takuya, Shohei Miura, Yosuke Kubotazu, Kamui Kobayashi and Ken Watanabe.

BULK HOMME skin care products come from Japan, the packaging is simple, transparent and sustainable.

How does BULK HOMME care for men's skin?

BULK HOMME men's skin care products is formulated with 7 high quality natural ingredients that are highly effective to protect and nourish your skin every step of the way. It is gentle and non-irritating, and it is a very safe skin care product. When choosing skin care products, although the effect is one of the key points, safety is also very important.

BULK HOMME is made to be effective for all skin types. The main ingredient is Natural Clay Minerals from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It can add insufficient minerals to men's skin. This clay mineral can absorb the oil on the human skin completely, and will not take away moisture and do not damage the sebum layer.

Moreover, Apple Stem Cell Essence in the ingredients can rejuvenate the skin of men with low water retention or injured skin, so it can also prevent dryness and fine lines. It can be said to be the best ingredient to prevent aging.

While Hydrolyzed Silk easily absorbs moisture for the skin and penetrates deep into the stratum carenum to achieve the effect of moisturizing and water-lockingI also think the aroma is just right and not too strong. The neutral floral scent shows the elegance and freshness of men.

Introducing the 1st step in our 3-step skincare routine: BULK HOMME THE FACE WASH.

It is a star product of BULK HOMME. This facial cleanser has always been the number one product in the Japanese Amazon men's skin care category. It gently removes dirt and excess oil by cleansing & moisturizing your skin with rich form which you've never experienced. If you are really oily, I recommend applying bubbles on your face for ten seconds to absorb the oil in the pores.

Let's try it and create extra rich and velvety bubbles with a high-volume lather with BULK HOMME THE BUBBLE NET. You don't need to use the net to poke your face! 

With the function of the foaming net, it is easy to maximize the effect of THE FACE WASH cleansing cream. Just lightly wet THE BUBBLE NET, then squeeze THE FACE WASH onto the net. Create foam by adding small amounts of water while rubbing the net with your hands. A cherry-sized amount of the cleanser will produce a fist-sized fine foam, dense and elastic without any effortThe rich and delicate foam can penetrate deep into the pores and dissolve a large amount of oil, whiteheads and blackheads in the pores.

Can we using bare hand to rub the THE FACE WASH?

Yes, you can also use it in the same way as a normal facial cleanser.

Just rubbing thick bubbles directly with your hands, elastic bubbles like mousse, and the foam is delicate and gentle! Just like in the photo as below!

Deep cleansing of the face, remove the grease and dirt, and change your face with a fresh and confident face.

This direct use method is very suitable for busy morning routine before going to work. It is so simple and refreshing! In the morning, I will use the BULK HOMME cleansing set, which can easily complete deep cleaning and maintenance. Just only 2 minutes to complete all of the steps then I'm ready to go! It's amazing!

Skincare starts with getting rid of dirt.

Step 1: THE FACE WASH - Cleanse

Squeeze a cherry-sized amount into your hand or THE BUBBLE NET, then rub to create a lather. Apply foam to your wet face, gently massage the most oily areas and then rinse thoroughly with water. Do this step well, and skin care will be more than half successful.

Step 2: THE TONER - Tone

Use after THE FACE WASH. Pour a small amount into your palm, then pat onto your face. Apply generously to areas prone to dryness. It is a hydrating and beautifying agents penetrate every corner of the skin, imbuing it with awe-inducing moisture, while its delicate formulation soothes skin even after shaving. It is cool on the face, non-oily and non-sticky. It absorbs quickly and makes the skin instantly hydrated and elastic.

Step 3: THE LOTION - Moisturize

Gently rub into face using light motions. Apply extra to dry areas. Massage into skin until mostly dry & hands run smoothly across the face. THE LOTION is a low-irritating lotion, which is very suitable for sensitive skin like mine. It is refreshing and light, and doesn’t feel sticky at all when used in hot and humid climates. The skin condition is very stable after long-term use. This also impressed me deeply. 

Positive reviews from many Japanese & Taiwanese users

BULK HOMME, the top men's skin care brand has a high degree of discussion in the Japanese community and some trendy magazines. It has been ranked first in the men's rankings of various beauty awards for a long time! BULK HOMME has won the sales champion of Amazon in Japan for the past two years and also the first place in the men's skin care department in the 2019 Korean Consumer Brand Awards. 

Still the favorite skin care product of Takuya Kimura

Highly praised by Japanese male users! Recently it has even become a girl’s favorite.

Taiwanese sportsmen are also highly recommended!


After using it, I feel it very deeply cleaned my skin as opposed to more feminine products which often feel quite light. The original rough skin is also smoothed and smoothed. The whole face is refreshed and refreshed, and there is no greasy feeling. I feel very comfortable with it! 

BULK HOMME Japanese Men's skincare is simple, fast and efficient for men to use, which can quickly turn men into the gods of men and keep them youthful forever. Whenever a friend feels hesitant to try something new, I will share a secret: "No day will be younger than today!" Hmm...maintenance, too, don't hesitate if you feel the need!

Skincare is very important to create a good impression in business and social circles as 80% of people's impressions are made during the first impression.

If you want to start taking good care of your skin, you don’t just want to feel the refreshing feeling after using a body spray, but you really want to adjust the skin condition. I recommend BULK HOMME Japanese Men's Skincare.

I bought mine at Japan Premium, the best Japanese online store that sells authentic premium products in Malaysia! They are having great deals right now.

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