How I managed to get that perfect V-shaped face

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I've heard a lot of reviews about this one Korean sleeping mask known as Jeogseoul Cica Sleeping Gel from one of the beauty forum I've always read. So, before I finally tracked it down, I knew it had to be good. 

Having a perfect silky and smooth skin like the Koreans is one of my skin goals, so I’d tried a lot of “popular” ways from Youtube’s tutorials including few overnight masks for acne from drugstores.. But they’re just ineffective to me!

Look how tiring it is, not sure how it gonna peel it off… and it feels like hurting the skin.

A soothing overnight face mask for glowing skin

It was wasting the time for such complicated methods but actually ineffective. Until one of my friend, Sarah, who is staying in Korea right now introduced me to an infamous all-in-one balm - JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm which is specially formulated by a Korean Beauty Medical Clinic. I, later did a research and found out that this product is actually well known amongst the Korean and Taiwanese celebrities! I decided to give it a try and~ TADAAAAA! LOOK AT MY SKIN, PEEPS! 😍😍😍😍

It really helps on my acne skin after using it for few weeks!


The acne balm really helps me to get rid of acne scars and fade pigmentation fast. When I heard that the brand has just introducing their new line of anti-acne range, I started to look into it.  

Due to the efficient result from the previous experience using JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm, I’m having a great faith on it so I quickly head up to my favourite Japanese beauty shop and decided to give it a try.

Look at those great reviews! OMG


So basically this sleeping gel named “JeogSeoul Ultra Cica Sleeping Gel”.

As JeogSeoul Ultra Cica Sleeping Gel contains Centella ingredients, it is capable of removing acne and acne scars.

Look at my skin with acnes everywhere


Not to mention that the moisturising ingredients and Vitamin C within the gel helps to whiten and moisturises the skin, and thus leading to translucent and bright skin.

Best way to recover dull and fatigued skin

JeogSeoul Ultra Cica Sleeping Gel is known as the world’s first Centella x Vitamin C Thread essence sleeping mask, which this thread lifting technology provides a lift-up whitening effect, adopting Korea's latest cutting-edge thread lifting technology.

Sleeping face gel mask benefits

Other than that, there are also a few key features for this amazing JeogSeoul Ultra Cica Sleeping Gel:

  •  It has the highest amount of Madecassoside (substance peculiar to Cica) in the industry.
  • The gel in incorporated with Korea's exclusive peptide silk
  • Made in Korea by a major beauty company.
  • Free from 6 types of additives: Free from alcohol, synthetic colouring, mineral oils, silicone, paraben and fragrances.
Succeeded in sealing in Vitamin C, which is highly susceptible to light damage, within the peptide silk

And its additive-free guarantee is certified by Korea's Skin Test Centre and Super Laboratory!!


How to apply JeogSeoul Cica Sleeping Gel?

So basically I squeezed out a 10 yen size amount of the JeogSeoul Ultra Cica Sleeping Gel before I go to bed and gently apply to the entire face. What I love the most is that there is no need to rinse it off as it will be absorbed immediately!

Day 35 - And I woke up like this, glowing skin ✨


Recommended to you all to use it as the last step of your skin care before going to bed in order to seal in all the moisture when you sleep, ensuring that moisture is not lost during sleep.


I bought this product from Japan Premium and I’m super glad to know that it’s finally available here in Malaysia too as it’s super popular and selling well in Taiwan, Korea and Japan!! You’ll get a free shipping included when you purchase above RM100! 

Plus, if you buy their BUY 3 bundle pack, you'll get another FREE 1 Tube of JeogSeoul Cica Sleeping Gel! You can share them with your family and friends as they saying goes, "Good things are meant to be shared!" (especially with your loved ones!)  🥰🥰

  Want to wake up with glowing V-shape face?  

JeogSeoul Cica Sleeping Gel might be your answer!


Click on the button below to get it at discounted price now! 👇


Don't forget to comment down below if you have any experience using the sleeping gel! Good things need to be shared, don't you think? 😉


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