Finally, I get to know the secret tips of owning a glowing skin as my favourite “onni”!

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Even though there’re lots of apps and nice filters for photos nowadays. But it is kinda awkward if looking totally different in person…

 After 25 days usage, look at my skin!

I’m having serious acne issue especially during menstruation period..

Having back acne & acne scars as well.. 😢😢

That’s why I always applied heavy filters while taking photos and my colleague always teased me that all of my photos were over-edited…. But who need filters if we only have perfect skin?! 😣

One day I was video-calling with one of my friends, Stephanie, who is  currently staying in Korea and I realized that her skin is super glowing!

I thought she was using any filters but she said it’s original camera.. I remembered that she was having the same skin type as mine that we always used to compare who are having the most pimples. BUT NOW…!!!!

She then introduced me an all-purpose balm that is specially formulated by a Korean cosmetic surgery clinic that helps on preventing acne & improving acne scars. She said it’s super good as she has tried it and she’d sent me some for trying as well!

I was really surprised to see the huge improvement after using it for a week! So this is the secret for Korean to have such perfect skin!! I then checked on it’s ingredients.. omg.. it’s all in high quality & feels pricey 😳

Ingredients formulated by Korean cosmetic surgery clinic: Strong regeneration power⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

① With the latest Korean skincare regeneration technology ‘Cica’ (AKA Centella Asiatica) and other ancient Chinese essences that have a strong regenerative ability help in reducing acne, improving acne scars & stabilizes the skin's physiology.

② Together with the other ingredients, its moisturizing power is too way excellent!

I shared it with my colleague and the moisturizing level just increased from 30% to 57% immediately after applying it at once!

③ It keeps the water & oil-balanced too! Look how it helps to reduce the oilness after working for whole day.

For those who are having sensitive acne-prone skin like mine, it is advisable to not using skincare products that might contains harmful chemical substances! You can thus use JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm with no worries at all as it has passed the actual skin tests so it's totally safe for sensitive skin:

  • NO alcohol
  • NO synthetic pigments
  • NO mineral oils
  • NO silicone
  • NO parabens
  • NO fragrances
  • NO colouring

Believe it or not, it has ranked No.1 on Japan’s skincare awards and achieve 97.3% in user satisfaction level. Here are some of its reviews:

Nurse (38 years old)combination skin
My acne has improved and I can now going out with only light makeup!


Model (28 years old)menstruation acne + sensitive skin

I’m sensitive skin and it’s hardly to get a suitable skincare for myself. Really appreciate that Korean cosmetic surgery clinic has come out with this amazing all-purpose balm! Love it so much!

Not to mention that most of the influencers recommended it too!!!

I really love how it helps to improve my skin condition within a month! My acne has reduced, my acne scars has improved..

But it’s quite inconvenient for asking my friend again and again to deliver it to me due to the costly shipping fee & long-wait.

LUCKILY - I found that it’s FINALLY available in Malaysia now too!! I bought it in Japan Premium and it is selling really fast!

Guess what, they are currently having Buy 3 Free 2 promo on their official site here. I can’t believe I missed this promotion!

If you Buy 3 bottles of JeogSeoul Cica Balm,
you get   FREE 1   x JeogSeoul Cica Balm AND 
 FREE 1   x Japan Non-sticky Sunscreen SPF50++++


Super great value for money!
Why not share this amazing products with your family & friends?
We can all become a #nofilter beauty❤️ 
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**If the page doesn’t load, it means the promotion has ended.


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