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Does your body shape change after having a baby? How do you getting in shape after giving birth?

Being a mum definitely isn’t an easy job but it’s the best job anyone could ever have. 

After giving birth, i noticed that my body shape has changed a lot with flabby legs, large hips, saggy butt and plump stomach. 💔

I had a hell of a time fitting into clothes after giving birth and I feel like I'm losing confidence in myself. I don’t even dare to hang out with friends or going to gym. Every time when I looked into the mirror, I feel totally depressed. 😢

So, I did some research on ways to get a slim lower body. I found out aesthetic salon treatment is one of the best way for busy mom like me.

I've signed up few expensive slimming treatments but I was upset that my thighs was slowly go back to it's original size after the treatments. The process was also quite uncomfortable for me. 😟

I always struggle with losing fats on my lower body area (even though I've tried to do home workout a lot or even if I control my diet).

One day, I was scrolling through my Insta feed and found this one! My childhood friend, Michelle who is currently staying in Japan get in better shape after having a baby. 😍

I was very intrigued and asked for her secret to slim down. She then introduced me this BELMISE Slim Leggings, designed with unique technology which stimulate acupoints for slimming. 

These leggings are amazing! 🤩 I can feel huge difference after one week of wearingEveryday I started wearing it during the day while taking care of my baby and go to sleep with it, so far I lost around 2cm on both of my legs & waist! 

Also, I was really surprised by how comfortable and stylish they are! It doesn't irritate my belly and my legs at all.

 “The photos taken after a week I tried on BELMISE Slim Leggings.”



Hence, I started researching on the internet and found that Belmise Leggings are compression leggings that have both functionality and design. They are top-level tight tightening and a comfortable compression legging with a cool fit!

It was desgined by patented technology (called MCT technology) in Japan which consists of 70 patterns of knitting based on ergonomics.

Now you can achieve your dream body with BELMISE Slim Leggings!

😍 Unique "6D Spiral Structure" - Softly stimulates trigger points that are slimming pressure points

😍 Vascular massage without swelling

😍 Raise your stomach and hips

😍 The super strong pressure of up to 40.6hPa

😍 The posture support design corrects not only the legs but also the buttocks and abdomen

😍 Easy to wear, breathable and comfortable

😍 Fashionable & easy to match with any fashion

Moreover, it helps with pelvic correction where I couldn't find in other usual leggings. It’s incredibly comfortable, thin and breath so well~

It gently warms up to the feet, making it perfect for keeping cold out. Just wear it to sleep and care for swelling. You can wear it according to your outfits, so you can support your body 24 hours a day.

It is also suitable for more vigorous workout and running errands.

It fits the body line of the lower body and supports stretching! "Pressurization" and "resistance" with moderate pressure help calorie consumption and lead to beautiful legs. With the idea of "underwater walking", it really can burn my calorie effectively! 🏊

Besides, I would like to introduce BELMISE Slim Legging for you guys too! I usually wear it for outing and grocery time. It has same functions with BELMISE Slim Tights, just with different design.

Believe it or not, BELMISE Leggings have ranked No.1 in Rakuten ranking and achieve 97.9% in user satisfaction level.


Not to mention that most of the influencers recommended it too!!! Here are some of its reviews:

Young mother (28 years old),flabby legs

My flabby legs getting skinnier and I can now going out with nice dress!

 Model (26 years old),big calves & thighs

 Really appreciate that I got to know this amazing slim leggings! Love it so much!

Just wear it while you're sleeping, at home, or when you're out. By increasing the chances of wearing it, you can feel the difference. I really love how it helps to improve my lower body fat within a week! Now I achieved my dream body and have more confidence all of the time.. 😍

But it’s quite inconvenient for asking my friend again and again to deliver it to me due to the costly shipping fee & long-wait.

LUCKILY - I found that it’s FINALLY available in Malaysia now too!! I bought it in Japan Premium and it is selling really fast!

Guess what, they are currently having promotions on their official site here. If you are concerned about your health, check it out!


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