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Moisturizers made with probiotics or better known as yogurt, are the latest hype, but can they solve dryness and sensitive skin problems?

After hitting 30, I noticed something about my skin condition - dry and very sensitive.  Ever since I started to work from home during the MCO, I tend to skip my skincare routine and that causes my skin to be extremely dry and sometimes itchy. I often have this feeling of  tightness, especially after showering and somehow, it feels so rough on my skin.  

This frustrates me so much and I know I needed something to nurture my skin. Else, I’ll look older than my age! That’s a big NO. Dryness makes our skin lose elasticity and look wrinkled, adding years to one's age. Don’t you think so? :(

 “The photo taken previously, when my skin was having a huge breakout & rashes.”


I found out that plenty of things can throw the bacterial balance off. Cleansers, face scrubs and medications like antibiotics can tip the scales in favor of harmful bacteria.

This bacterial imbalance can cause flare-ups and problems including:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Dryness, sensitive and flaky skin
  • Tight sensations on the face after facial cleansing
  • Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth 


If you experience any of those skin problems like me, probiotic moisturizers or creams might help. Therefore, I then decided to try several moisturizers and creams from drugstores that claim to have an “Instant hydrating effect”, Long-term hydration”, and “Hydrates the skin up to 24h.” But nothing works as good as they claim to be. After months of trying, my skin still feels dry and tiny bumps started to appear on my forehead too.

And that’s when one of my best friends recommended me a skin care product from Japan and she gave me a bottle to try on. Knowing that nothing ever works on me before, I still have this skeptical thinking going on at the back of my mind, but I still try it on anyway, hoping that it would work this time.

The product is called Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion, and she advised me to apply the lotion every time after I wash my face, and also, before I tuck myself in bed. That was my first time ever trying out a probiotic lotion, and knowing that it consists of live bacteria that is good for the skin, I was convinced to apply it on my skin for a week.

How do probiotics benefit your skin?

Hence, I started researching on the internet and found that many people share the same problems as me. Ultimately, I found that Lactoherb Probiotics Lotiona lotion moisturizer made with probiotics that help maintain skin’s good bacteria for extra hydrating skin and a healthier, more balanced complexion. 

😍 Stabilizes & strengthens skin’s microbiome

😍 Maintains good & healthy bacteria for smooth skin

😍 Progressively fights against signs of aging

😍 Lowers the PH level of the skin

😍 Serves as multipurpose All-in 1 lotion

😍 Non-sticky, rich texture

😍 Suitable for all skin types


Balance of bacteria is key! Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion helps to deliver good bacteria, instantly boosts your skin's immunity, renew and nurture your skin for all day moisturization. No wonder this Japanese Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion is very well-known in Japan and now it's raving in Malaysia as one of the best probiotic moisturizers in Malaysia for all skin types, especially those with dry and sensitive skin!

It contains 10x Lactic acid bacteria, which are able to increase the skin-beautifying bacteria which are the sources of moisture and adjust the balance of sebum.

That means, Lactoherb has 10x more intense hydration booster than their old formulated lotion -  Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion

1 bottle of yogurt contains around 10 million units of probiotics, but 1 bottle of Suzuki Herb Lactoherb contains 4 billion units! (1 bottle = approx. 400 yogurts!!)

P/s: I found out that the founder of Suzuki Herb originally formulated this Probiotics Lotion to help her daughter who always complained of dry itchy skin due to eczema. So it's proven that this probiotic moisturizer does really helps those having sensitive skin. 

The experience and the feel 

When applied, not only will it soothe the skin, you will also feel a slight cooling sensation!

Moreover, it costs only RM121.50 per bottle & lasted for around 3 months! It is much more affordable compared to medically prescribed products.

Besides supple-looking skin, there is completely no stinging or irritation.

In just a week, my skin's texture looked less dehydrated, and any traces of fine lines were less visible.

The bottle design is simple & cute, it looks like a yogurt drink. But remember, it's for external application only. I usually remove makeup and cleanse my face while showering followed by Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion. It has a soft milky texture.

And here's my latest skin condition after 1 and a half months later.

Spot the differences? The redness on my skin is gone & the dry areas have reduced greatly!

After applying it, my skin stays moisturized for more than 5 hours~

Little did I know that after few applications of the lotion, my skin started to smoothen out, and there’s no more tiny bumps or dry patches on my T-Zone and cheeks anymore! Wow.

There was a huge difference on my skin compared to few months ago. Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion is formulated with clinically-proven formulations, and it helps to achieve the healthiest-looking skin and gives out instant soothing feeling on the skin. It feels light and has a non-sticky texture to support fast absorption (and totally scentless!). So as a moisturizer, this probiotic moisturizer works nicely. The fact that it doesn’t smell like anything at all is a huge plus to me, and I find the consistency and absorption rate excellent.

I love it so much & will continue using it. This lotion has now becoming my perfect skincare routine for dry skin.

Believe it or not, it has ranked No.1 in Japan’s Women Simple Skincare awards and achieve 97.4% in user satisfaction level. Here are some of its reviews:
Stella (30 years old), eczema skin
It's effective for anti-aging and prevent premature skin aging.
Sharifah (31 years old), combination skin
My skin is healthier and the skin stays moist and soft!
Jovan (28 years old), dry and sensitive skin
I really love their texture, moisturizing but non-sticky!


Probiotics in skincare 

My skin’s radiance has improved tremendously, pores have been minimized, unsightly spots on the face has disappeared! See what hydration could do to your skin? That's why I always emphasize on the importance of having your skin hydrated most of the time. As for my case, Probiotics work wonder on my skin! 

All my colleagues asked why did my skin condition improved so much?

“Did you do chemical peel or laser treatment?”

“Did you fall in love recently?"

I replied: I just started to use Lactoherb Probiotics LotionI supposed that is due to the increase in good bacteria (from Probiotics Lotion) on my skin, my skin's moisturizing power has improved! I noticed my skin condition improved naturally & look more radiant!

As 1 bottle is all it takes for moisturizing & anti-aging, my skin is no longer dull & lesser fine lines! Due to the simple skincare routine, there are less burden on my skin.

With that being said, I do like it, far more than I expected to and far more than I like most other drugstore products! So in conclusion, good job, Suzuki Herb Lactoherb! — let’s keep going with the whole “less perfume, more skincare” thing. It works!

I highly recommend this to everyone, regardless women or men facing the same problems as me. Never give up! Oh, to all my Muslim friends, fret not! This Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion doesn't contain ingredients of animal origin and is halal-friendly, so do not worry on that! ❤

Farisha (33 years old), dry and sensitive skin

If you have always been using expensive dry and sensitive skin skincare products without any results, persistent dry flaky skin, please consider trying Lactoherb Probiotics Lotion! You'll definitely fall in love with this hydrating lotion from Japan!

Here is my favourite go-to beauty store Malaysia, Japan Premium! They have all sorts of Japanese beauty & home and living products imported directly from Japan. They are well-known for quality, so I bet you all know how effective and good their products is!

If you've been struggling to step up your hydration game for your dry, dehydrated skin, this moisturizer will definitely give you nearly instantaneous results. Yes, it's a little bit pricey, but I'm 100% sure it delivers for skin-plumping, super moisturizing, ultra-hydrating goodness.

*Views and opinions expressed in the above article are those of the authors. Individual results may vary accordingly.


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