7 Best Japanese products you need in your home

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These cool Japanese inventions will make your life better – from household goods to smartphone accessories. From only RM20 up to RM28, you'll get to try out these cool things and experience how Japanese be living their life in smart and creative ways!


  1.   Maki Maki Drying Rack 

Hands up to best roll-up dish drying rack ever. If you're working with limited counter space, consider using this Maki Maki Dish Drying Rack to turn your sink into a drainer.

✅ Pros: Can be stored away when not in use, ideal for small spaces, heat-resistant, non-slip silicone design, easy-cleaning

⛔️ Cons: Small capacity, do not put or hang heavy objects on it.

Roll it up to its compact size afterwards and store it without taking up much space at all. With this new dish drying rack, your dish washing routine can be a bit more bearable - finger crossed!


  2.   Triangular Smartphone Stand 

Comes in triangular design, this smartphone stand is really easy to use!

Since it’s made of premium quality plastic, it is durable, practical, lightweight, simple and stylish. It can fits almost all smartphones on the market with or without the case.

The clamp height is also easily adjustable, so you can place it any way you want!

A rubber guard between the device and the stand helps protect your device from scratches and slips. While the bottom mat prevents the bracket from slipping during use. Worry no more - now you can enjoy watching Netflix from your phone anytime, anywhere!


  3.   Smartphone Screen Amplifier 

Another smart invention from the Japanese, I must say. The screen amplifier is incredibly portable and lightweight so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere you go. Oh wow, how easy!

Plus, there's no battery needed, so you never have to worry about recharging your screen magnifier. Umm, that's brilliant?!

This screen amplifier helps relieve fatigue from your eyes, and will let you enjoy incredibly comfortable viewing. Since it's widely compatible, use it with any smartphone, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or another Android device. Watching videos and movies on your phone has never been more this comfortable!


  4.   Storage With Wire Stainless Hook 

If you haven’t own this one yet, please do. This multipurpose storage with wire stainless hook is perfect for holding sponges, scouring pads, nylon scrubbers, brushes, soaps, liquid soap dispenser and other kitchen bathroom sink supplies right where you need them.

Make your kitchen organized and clean, perfect storage accessory for bathroom & kitchen.

Designed with open and hollow bottom design allows water to drain fast, and the sink rack will keep your sponges away from dirty water in the pool and prevent bacterial from growing.


  5.   Light Weight Indoor Slippers 

I’m so obsessed with this light weight indoor slippers that I have all the colours to myself!  Nothing beats the comfort of the flexibility and softness of the slipper, you’ll never have to find for one again. 

Since the material is made up of EVA, please be mindful not to leave the slippers exposed to direct sunlight. Hence, it’s best to be worn indoors so you won’t be having cracked heels anymore!


  6.   Anti dust cable box 

I honestly can’t live seeing all the wires get tangled especially in my bedroom, hence, this anti-dust cable box to the rescue! It’s so useful that I can just put my extension inside the box, and poof! Be gone all those cluttering cords.

The aesthetic, minimalist looking design is ideal for cable and cord management. You can save a lot of space and keep all your accessory cables always tidy and dust free.


  7.   Space saving towel hanger 

These super helpful organizers have purposes that extend far beyond your bedroom. Placing one of these in a bathroom gives you space for a hamper, toiletries, and supplies all in one compact space. And gives you room to hang your clothing before a shower, rather than relegating your OOTD to the floor.

All these items cost around RM20 to RM28, available online only from Japan Premium


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