How probiotics lotion help with dry and sensitive skin.

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Everyday I question myself, "Why is my skin so dry and sensitive as I get older?" and this, frustrated me every single time I compare myself with my same-aged friends when we're hanging out.

Ever since I turned 30 years old, I started to experience sensitive dry skin.😭 Occasionally, I will also get rashes when I use certain products but I didn't know what caused it. 

💔 Dry and very sensitive skin
💔 Flaky skin like sand paper & prone to rashes
💔 Fine lines started to appear

Keep reading if you're facing same skin problems like me...
I have tried many dry and sensitive skin moisturizers but my skin still gets dry 2 - 3 hours after application..

Applying moisturizers frequently doesn't seem to prevent my dry skin. 

Because of dry skin, my beauty products were not being fully absorbed.. 

Fine lines & wrinkles started to appear on my skin.
Recently, I read an article written by a Japanese dermatologist. 

It turned out that I had low level of good bacteria on my skin!

Research showed that the number of good bacteria known as 'skin Staphylococcus' reduces as we age.

Insufficient good bacteria on our skin can lead to an endless vicious cycle of dry & aging skin! 

These good bacteria helps:
😍 breaks down extra sebum (oil)
😍 produces moisturizing components that hydrates the skin

Without these good bacteria, the skin becomes prone to rashes & sensitivity!

What is probiotics lotion?

I sought advice from my Japanese friend, Keiko. She told me that probiotic skincare is a huge thing in Japan now and recommended me what she is also using in her skincare routine for combination skin.

A hydrating moisturizer for dry skin which is known as Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion!

Apparently, she experienced smoother & softer skin 2 months after use! 😲
The first thing I’ve thought of when I saw the word "probiotics" .. 

Isn't probiotics usually consumed for healthy guts?

Apparently, probiotics can help promote the growth of those good bacteria on the skin as well! 


What do probiotics do for skin?

👌 Probiotics can help maintain moist & translucent complexion
👌 Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
👌 Beautifying bacteria can also give skin moisture and increase transparency
👌 Helps to smoothen wrinkles, forehead lines and achieve youthful skin


Does probiotics lotion help eczema & rosacea?

Probiotics work well for people who have eczema, rosacea and sensitive skin like me. Anti-inflammatory for breakouts and less irritation!

Probiotics Lotion brings a lot of benefits. I'm excited to find a lotion that would provide me long-term moisture for my skin!

Now it became one of my favorite moisturizer!

If you wish to try this Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion, bacterial goodness, click on the button below to find out more~


Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion help improve and restore our skin.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory is a well-known skincare brand in Japan and considered as one of the best moisturizer for face recommended by dermatologists.

Their products have also passed clinical trials and are mild to the skin. This explains why they have won numerous awards in various beauty magazines. 

It has a light texture even though the lotion looks thick.

My skin feels so moist & smooth after use!😍

It is fragrance-free and not sticky at all.

I tested my skin moisture level, and my skin moisture went up to 43.2%!! 

Hydrated and healthy skin requires a good water supply to our skin.

Just put a few drops of Probiotics lotion into the palms of your hands and then gently pat it into your face.

Probiotics Lotion can make dry areas hydrated, while not causing my oily area to be oilier. It makes my skin feels smoother and brightens up my skin tone.

It makes my wrinkles look less obvious and strengthen my skin!

I noticed that it helps awaken the natural power of the skin, keeps dull and dry skin at bay!

Now, my skin stays hydrated even 6-7 hours after applying Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion!

My friend even complimented that my skin looks radiant even when I didn't apply any makeup! What's more it is able to strengthen skin's protection layer & immunity!

Therefore, harmful substances such as viruses & bacteria cannot penetrate the skin easily~

My skin condition has gotten better. I no longer need tons of dry and sensitive skin care routine products, this one is good enough for me. Foundation and makeup stay well on my face, as my skin well-moisturized! 

When I poured the lotion on my hand…  its refreshing texture feels so cool, it doesn’t feel greasy and sticky at all. 

Once I applied it on my skin, it gets absorbed well!

It kind of reminded me like how water is absorbed by a sponge. 😍😍

Best moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a tropical country with very high humidity, we usually think that our skin turns oily because we have oily skin and there’s no need for us to moisturized our skin that’s actually not true!!!

Especially now we need to wear masks wherever we go!

The more oily the skin is, the more necessary it is to pay attention to moisturizing!

Otherwise, it may cause breakout!

To those who are working in the office for a long time is advised to pay attention more on hydration.

Air conditioner is the main culprit of dry skin!! 

If you face the same skin problems as me, the Japanese Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion may help you. Hurry up and try it now! 

 Please click on the button below ❤


It is even selling fast on Shopee & Lazada!!!

Here's what people are saying about Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion!


Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion Reviews

Before I tried out this famous hydrating moisturizer for dry skin, of course I did some researches on the effectiveness of the product and how well it works on other consumer's skin as well. And to my surprise, this probiotic lotion is quite well-known among Malaysians! (Read here to see how her skin turns from dry to smooth & supple skin in just a week!)

And as you can see here, they are more reviews coming from the customers of this Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion. Reading all these makes me convinced to try out this lotion, so I actually did my first purchase from the best online beauty shop Japan Premium soon after! 😂

I couldn’t believe my skin has gotten so soft & smooth after using it! No more rashes!
(Ms Jia Yi, 27 years old, Designer)

The texture is very similar to the toner I’m using. Super moisturizing but not sticky at all! I would definitely recommended it to my friends and family.

(Ms Joyce, 36 years old, Housewife)

Moisturizing effect lasts for the whole day!

(Ms Goh, 37 years old, Teacher)

Love the feeling of smooth & moist skin! It’s as if I went through facial treatment

(Ms Selena Teh, 34 years old, Event Manager)

During the promotion, there’s discount, discount, discount for the first purchase!

I bought it from here 👇


Amazing! Even Americans know this product!

The Americans love it too! This probiotics lotion has been ranked No.1 in the Selectier USA Weekly Sales Ranking, the first week it was introduced in the USA!

I previously bought 1 bottle to try before.. not knowing that they're now actually offering amazing promotion


✔️ Purchase 2 bottles + Free Shipping [RM120]
✔️ Purchase 3 bottles + Free Shipping  [RM165]
I might consider buying 3 bottles to save more bucks! And of course, I'll be getting 2 MORE EXTRA too!! 
Hurry up, don’t miss the chance to become even more beautiful! Want to know more about Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion?
*Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are by real people, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


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