Why I chose gel mask rather than the conventional sheet mask for my night time skincare routine

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I’m a busy business woman and I do not have much time to take care of my skin especially after giving birth.😩 I have to go to work in the morning and take care of my child after work. I used to go for facial care every week but I couldn’t get any spare time at all now.😭

And there was a day during lunch time, one of my colleagues asked this: "Jane, did you get enough sleep? You look so tired these few days."

I was shocked and did not take it serious at first. But when I got home and looked into the mirror, omg… I really do have that super tired-looking! 😨 My husband even said that my skin actually looked dull than before!

How i found my go-to dry skin savior

I tried to use some facial masks as an emergency skincare saviour after shower but I always forgot to peel it off and get asleep accidentally due to tiredness of whole day work & cause the skin gets drier than before in the next morning! 🥺🥺

I really wish to to find masks that can apply overnight without getting my skin dry so that I can just straight go to the bed after shower. I then started “googling” if there’s any masks that are convenient & easy to use, did a lot of research on the different type of masks and found that sleeping gel mask is actually better than normal sheet type masks!

Sheet mask VS Gel Mask

I found that there are quite a few gel masks available in the market right now, especially Laneige Sleeping Mask & BBLab Sleeping Gel Mask which really caught my eye, so I then did further research on their skincare benefits and made a comparison between them.


Laneige Sleep Mask VS BBLab Gel Mask


I actually felt that BBLAB Sleeping Moist Gel Mask is more suitable for me as I can apply overnight without rinsing off - which is exactly what I am looking for!

Wake up with beautiful skin using BBlab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask
 The phrase “wake up with beautiful skin” really caught my eyes!


It is said to help supporting skin condition at night to moisturize cuticle & gradually works into dead skin cells.

No more waiting for 20 minutes just to peel off the masks but only a super easy step that takes only few seconds!

Apply- and SLEEP!

The texture of BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask

After noticing there’re quite a lot of positive reviews on this product, I decided to give it a try!

So this sleeping mask named BBLAB Sleeping Moist Gel Mask - it helps to improve skin condition while sleeping, moisturizes & revitalizes your skin as if you have had a good night’s sleep for 8 hours! Besides, it helps to repair skin barrier with full of beauty moisturizing ingredients ❤️

BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask ingredients list

After using it for few weeks, I can feel that my skin gets hydrate and moisture everytime waking up in the morning.

BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask Before & After Image

My husband even said that my skin texture & elasticity seems improved a lot! 😁😁 This is because BBLAB Sleeping Moist Gel Mask helps to reduce flaky dead skin cells too!

Improve skin elasticity with BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask
BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask gel texture

I really love how it smells - what a sweet, elegant & soothing scent of damask rose that calms my body & I always have a nice sleep whenever I apply BBLAB Sleeping Moist Gel Mask.

Damask rose in BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask


I normally cleanse my face gently at first, and then start to apply all my skincare routine. After that, I will dispense an appropriate amount of BBLAB Sleeping Moist Gel Mask & massage it on my face.

How to apply BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask on face
My skincare routine with BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask

So basically it’s just apply it as the last step of my skincare routine and straight to the bed!

I really love how it helps me to wake up with glowing, well-rested beautiful skin. Trust me ladies, you can definitely feel the difference in the next day after applying it overnight! I will continue to use it for better results!

BBLab Sleeping Moist Gel Mask by Japan Premium


I bought it from Japan Premium 

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What’s better than sleeping time = skincare time!


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