Is there any connection between sensitive skin, split ends & water?

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After a long day at home, obviously we want to have a good shower at home comfortably. And I am one of it too! ☹☹ But what is the significance of taking a bath?

Just to clean the body? Is that all? I started to realize I have often rashes, dry skin and my hair has been dry too.

 At first, I thought it was because my bed sheets were dirty.. One day, when I showered at night I smelled something from the water shower and the color turned into yellow! I started to feel curious…Was it the water quality problem?How does this happen?!

Is the unfiltered water good? Chlorine !? What is chlorine! ?

According to research, today's water contains chlorine, heavy metals, and impurities that causes dry skin, dry hair, enlarged pores, and dull skin! Although chlorine has a bactericidal effect, it can damage the sebum film on the skin surface. If the sebum film is damaged, the skin moisture will evaporate and the skin will become dry & dull. A person with sensitive skin is vulnerable to the effects of chlorine when they take baths.

Since we take shower every day, is there any way to for us to improve the shower quality? How can I get rid from that yellowed water? Is there a simple and easy way?  Thanks to a friend, I get to know about Japan's TAKAGI Shower, yeap problem solved just by switching to this shower!

   💗TAKAGI Shower Head 💗

I always thought the shower head was only used for shower. I was surprised, the water flow was so soft and the most importantly it can..

1. Purify water (no more chlorine)!!😍 

2. It comes with Chorine removal water purification filter

A shower alone is very ordinary but with this one, you are going to love it! 

3. Chlorine removing water purification filter.

From polluted water, it can helps you get a clean water. Your skin will become super nice!

The model that I bought (Model: JSB022)

Instructions to use TAKAGI Shower

Installation method

On the day I received Takagi Shower Head, I managed to install it in 3 steps. 

1. First turn the shower head off, then install the chlorine removal filter into the shower head, and then connect Takagi shower head to the original water outlet. It's easier than expected!!

When you hold the product, you can feel that the material is quite strong, but it is lightweight and not heavy . It is probably made of some durable plastic.

Not afraid of hand injuries 😆😋

Look closely at the water hole shower, it seems to be as thin as needle hole. At first I doubted, if that small water holes could really clean effectively?? Hmm...

Well, video above has took my doubt away!

After using Takagi Shower Head, I finally realized the comfort of that delicate water flow! Because they comes with the precise design of TAKAGI Japan, it has 234 ultra-fine outlet holes -the instructions indicate that each hole is only 0.3mm in size! 

So, this is how they made the water flow so soft for a relaxing shower time~ 

Everyone should try this. The sting of the water column of your old shower always hit your face? When I used Takagi Shower Head, I was not afraid of encountering this situation anymore. 😆 The water hits on my face WITHOUT hurting. Because the water flow is so delicate, it felt as if I was having a spa 😍💓

💙 Improve skin condition & silky hair💙

What makes me happy the most when I washed my hair, it doesn’t make my hair dry or split anymore!

The calcium sulfite in the filter removes residual chlorine in the water and reduces hair damage. Now my hair has finally become smoother and silky again  That's how I got my healthy hair back.

There are many shower brands and styles that sold in the internet with price varies, but after using TAKAGI, I can say I am very satisfied and it’s totally worth the money. 

In addition, Takagi Shower Head exerts low water pressure and water for saving functions, they has a good internal drainage designEven if the water pressure is low, it still maintains a stable amount of water and there is no intermittent problem. It is very easy to use...  💦💦

So how can TAKAGI help SAVE WATER?


The TAKAGI shower on the right can save up to 34% of water! 

The main key is drainage. The normal shower design is quite rough with big water holes, causing a lot of water to flow out in a short amount of time. The design of ultra-fine water holes in Takagi Shower Head just solved this problem. As long as the amount of water is not slow, it is stable, and the amount of water is minimized. Therefore, it helps save water bills and provides clean shower water! Awesome! 👍👍👍

💘How to use💘

When I took off the shower or spray, as long as I push the button with my thumb the water flow will immediately stops without you need to turn off the faucet. In this way you can place the shower without worrying it will splash and wet the floor.

💢Another advantage of a Takagi Shower Head

It is easy to detach for cleaning purposes!

Due to the inconvenience of opening the spray head, the usual ordinary shower has accumulated dirt and can’t be cleaned, and the spray dirt is sprayed onto the body from the shower. But, with Takagi Shower Head, one can easily open it up, clean the interior and continue to use it as new again. 😍

👉👉Highly Recommended: Takagi Shower Head bathes babies without hurting their delicate skin👍👍


Sensitive skin problem has improved 👗😍😘


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