This is what happened to my skin after I started applying clay pack for my enlarged pores...

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I am having a serious blackheads problem ever since I started applying makeup to work. 

I was worried it might get worse but I didn't have the time to go for a facial treatment. 

Every time I look into the mirror I just wonder how can I improve my dull skin and minimizes those terrible clogged pores and blackheads?

"I'm Denise, a designer by day & blogger by night."

I've applied many blackhead removing products such as blackhead strips and hope to get rid of those blackheads but nothing much changed. 


I even experienced stinging pain and irritation after using those products as I have the issue of sensitive skin.

The strawberry peel always reminded me of my enlarged & clogged pores...
After researching online, I found the solution to my pore problems...

It is all because I have never done a proper deep cleansing! 

Residual makeup & dirt in my pores are causing more and more persistent blackheads 

As I searched through forums & articles online, I found that clay was traditionally used by Moroccan women in keeping their skin and hair clean & smooth since the ancient times!  Many women started to apply it for its deep cleansing effects, not to mention that its:

  • Rich in minerals that cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Contains magnesium that moisturizes

I came across this article written by a Japanese dermatologist, recommending a deep cleanse, remove dirt & impurities from pores including blackheads 

It is known as...



This clay mask was vigorously tested for its effect on people with sensitive skin. 

As a result, dermatologists have deemed it to be safe for use on sensitive skin and that it is a hypoallergenic product!

OH-MY-GOD! It's a great news for people like me!!

To prevent getting the wrong product for myself like previously, I sought the opinion from my Japanese friend first... 

My friend's skin is absolutely flawless... She told me that she started using this Naiad Ghassoul Clay Pack as well!

She experienced improvement 2 months after use even though she has the same issue like me - sensitive skin!

I started to Google this product and check on those reviews.. and ultimately found that this Naiad Clay Pack Ghassoul can actually absorb dirt and blackhead from pores effectively! 

Most importantly, it is 100% NATURAL CLAY and can be used as a face mask, face wash, body wash and even shampoo!! 

How convenient it is as I no longer need to carry too many items during my vacation as well as business trips✌


How to apply Naiad Ghassoul for best results?

To prepare a Ghassoul paste, I first put 3-4 pieces of Ghassoul in a small bowl.

Then, add in some water to dissolve the clay pieces.

The Ghassoul clay pieces began to swell & soften after a few minutes.

Then, I gently applied the clay paste on my face using a brush

I left it on for around 5 mins and rinse off thoroughly with water.

Surprisingly I can actually feel my skin become more moisturized!

I'm super excited as this is the result I'm searching for all the time - product that can help remove dirt/blackhead and moisturize the skin at the same time!!

2 months later... look at my skin!

My friend even asked me "Did you go for beauty treatment? How come your skin has become so moist & smooth?"

 Blackheads around the nose area has decreased, my skin is smoother and become more radiant.

I really love this Naiad Ghassoul Clay Pack and I'll definitely keep using it - for sure! 

I guess it's because of the natural mineral which its moisturizing power is high and close to neutrality and thus promotes moist bouncy skin.

Ladies, I sincerely and highly recommend this to you all. Please do not give up on improving your skin condition. Give it a try on Naiad Ghassoul Clay Pack to helps in cleansing sebum & dirt accumulated in the pores!

I bought it from Japan Premium and you know what's the best part? They are having RM20 OFF for 1st purchase if you buy on their official website! 

Go and get yours now!!


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