Finally, I found a way to reduce & prevent bad breath from within!

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It was about 3 months ago.

I was in a restaurant with my boyfriend and there was a waiter taking our order. He was well-groomed and clean, but he had a really terrible breath.🤢

Bad terrible breath

After he left our table, I was being annoying and started to complain about how it ruined my appetite.

Maybe he just didn't realize that he has bad breath.

Can you point out people's bad breath to their face?


You can see it in the graph above. Most people can't point out to others about bad breath.

Most people can't point out to others about bad breath.

This is why they don't realize it themselves. Most people with bad breath are unaware of their bad breath. It takes a lot of courage to point out someone else's bad breath, even to your co-workers and best friends.

Most people can't point out to others about bad breath.

You won't notice it yourself. No one else will point it out to you either. 

And here was what I didn’t expected at all.. My boyfriend then said, "I hate to tell you this, but your mouth stinks too." I thought it was a weird joke, but his eyes were serious.

Most people can't point out to others about bad breath.

My mind was blank and I can’t believe that I had the same issue too! If that's true, I guess people at work will talk about me "OMG she has terrible breath! " And my friends..? On a train or in a hair salon?

I always brush my teeth after meals and I've never had a decayed tooth either!

I always brush my teeth but the bad breath is still there.

“It smelled like food waste. he continued. He even told me that sometimes he couldn't go near me because I smelled so bad,  especially when I woke up in the morning, that was the worst..

At first, I tried to always take care of my bad breath with gum or tablets. However, my family told me that the smell was getting worse with the mint and stench mixed in.

Bad breath even after i brush my teeth, and take mint chewing gum

It was hard for me and I realized that everyone was trying to avoid me. I felt so ashamed but had no idea what to do.

Bad breath has finally gone!

That's when I happened to find a certain breath care item! Thanks to that, my bad breath disappeared before I knew it! And the breath checker I bought had a dramatic change in numbers!

Bad breath lessen when measured using bad breath checker.
It measures bad breath on a level of 0 to 5. 0 is odorless, 4 and 5 are quite stinky!


Before I tried the breath care items, I was at the worst level of 5! I was disappointed with the results.

But when I tried the item, it soon changed to an odorless level of "0"!

My boyfriend said, "Your breath doesn’t smell at all!” and he was very surprised.  I was so glad to hear that!

So here is what I really want to recommend to all of you - Manten Toiki!

Bad breath care tablet - Manten Toiki from Japan.

This is not a lick type, but a bad breath care tablet that you take about 2 to 3 tablets a day! I just kept taking this and my worst level of bad breath went away!

Manten Toiki helps eliminating bad breath

Manten Toiki 's Five Points

Strongly improve mouth environment with 4 ingredients: High Polymer CUA Fucoidan, Lactoferrin, Probiotic Lactobacillus, Egg Yolk Powder

Manten Toiki Breath Care Tablet's ingredients list

✅ The Aurabarrier: Lactoferrin + Lactoperoxidase fights off bad smelling bacteria

✅ Effectively slow down periodontal diseases & changes the state of oral bacteria growth

✅ Patented components increase antibacterial effect

✅ Creating an immediate & long-lasting effect


Manten Toiki in tablet form

The great thing about this Manten Toiki is that...

you can take care of bad breath from inside your body as well as inside your mouth!

Common bad breath products

In fact, the most common bad breath products are just cheating with the mint scent.

Bad breath is not only caused in the mouth, but also in the body.

Manten Toiki approaches both your mouth and your body at the same time!


Manten Toiki Breath Care - BEFORE & AFTER Image
Manten Toiki Breath Care - BEFORE & AFTER Image
 “It really worked!”


I actually drank it.

Then my bad breath was gone! It's amazing!

Manten Toiki Breath Care in tablet form
Manten Toiki is in small tablet form so it's easy to take and keep going!


When I wake up in the morning, I'm so happy with how clear my breath is!

Now I can talk to people confidently! I'm so glad I found Manten Toiki. 

Manten Toiki Breath Care

I bought it in Japan Premium, they are currently having promotion where you can actually enjoy 20% OFF for every first order above RM100 purchase!

The sooner you get there, the better.

If they sell out during the sale, it's over!

Please check it out as soon as you can!

Why don't you take care of your bad breath and body odor at the same time?

If you're curious, check out the official website below right away!


*If you can’t click the link, it means the promotion is over.*



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