My face doesn't feel tight after face wash anymore!

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🙋 Anyone have the same experience like me where face always feel tight & dry every time after washing it?

Sometimes some signs of sensitivity like reddish & dry patches appear which really make me worry about my skin condition! 😭

Signs of sensitive skin like reddish & dry patches

I tried to figure out why would this happened until I read a beauty article about face wash.

I realized that I might be over-cleansing my face and using the wrong product since I’m having sensitive skin!! 😱

It also stated that over-cleansing usually results from using cleanser that may be too harsh to the skin especially in anti-acne cleanser..

Omg, I was using that everyday - which means, it is really important to use a cleanser that has moisturizing effect💧

I kept “googling” to find a solution on my issue and came across a review - it’s about a jelly or pudding-like Japanese cleanser and it really caught my eyes, it seems so cute and interesting!

I then did more research on it and I found that it’s made of natural red konjac.


I even made a comparison between normal cleanser & Charlene Akakon Soap.

Normal cleanser VS Charlene Akakon Soap

Based on what I know, “Konjac” is a Japanese food which is traditionally eaten as a vegetarian food that contains powerful moisturizing ingredient.

If it is added in that cleanser- that means it must be really gentle to the skin! I immediately searched if it’s available on Shopee and surprisingly it has quite a lot of positive reviews!


7 anti-aging ingredients for Charlene Akakon Soap
Since it’s made of natural ingredients, I then decided to give it a try~


So basically this pudding-like cleanser named “CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash” is made of natural konjac and thus it’s gentle to the skin.

Charlene Michiko Koshino Akakon Soap Facial Wash

It also contains anti-aging ingredients & beauty serum- which it helps to reduce fine lines due to dryness and keep you moisturizes at the same time! Besides, it helps to remove dirt & impurities from skin without stripping off those essential sebum. 


Charlene Akakon Soap - Before & after image
I am completely amazed by it as my skin no longer feels tight after using it! 


After using CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash for a month, I noticed that my existing breakout has improved and my dull skin gets brighter than before! My mother even said that my face seems to look more glowing & translucent and asked me to get a new one for her too🤣

How to use it you ask? 

I normally wet CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash with water first, and then start to "massage" my face with the soap in circular motion for a few minutes, following with massaging with hands to make sure whole face is cleansed properly.

The whole face wash process gets so relaxing and I look forward to it every single day! 🥰

How to use Charlene Akakon Soap on face
How to use Charlene Akakon Soap on the face
 After that I’ll just rinse them off with water.  


For people who are having sensitive skin like me, you have nothing to worry about! It is non-irritating and suitable for all skin types!

I bought it from Japan Premium and their customer services are super good and helpful! And they also gave some very useful guide on how to store it correctly.

Hwo does Charlene Akakon Soap looks like
This is how it looks like when I first opened the packaging and put it in a bowl. It comes with the serum so as the facial soap wouldn't get dry.


⚠️ DO NOT soak CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash in water as it may dissolve. Always store it in a dry container every time after finish using it.⚠️ 

Noticing that huge improvement in my skin where it gets more supple and no more redness occurred after using it for only a month, I will definitely continue to use it for better results!

By the way, Japan Premium is currently having promotion too! You can now get a 🎁FREE Inaho Rice Bran Skincare Trial Set 🎁 if you purchase 3 CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash! This is the best chance for you to try out some other premium skincare products for free!

It’s really important for us to choose the right cleanser so as to prevent aging easily. You will definitely in love with CHARLENE Akakon Soap Facial Wash once you start to use it!


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