Thanks to it, I no longer need to apply beauty filters to my photos!

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I was looking at those lovely photos of my favourite “onni” and wondering how can they have such a perfect glowing skin~ I just want to get rid of those stubborn acne & acne scars from my face!!

Always dreaming to have moist and supple skin like this.
But in fact my skin looks like.. this.

Did you guys ever experience the same thing like me where we have tried lots and lots of ways to cure our acne issue but failed anyway.

Take more healthy meals instead of fried foods, sleep & wake-up earlier, consume collagen everyday, go for facial treatment frequently… but it just doesn’t work!

Perhaps it works well on others, but definitely not on me.. guess because of my sensitive skin.

I even tried taking anti-acne medication prescribed by skin specialist but it becomes ineffective as soon as I stopped taking the medicine.

You know what - and my acne came back FULL BLOWN. Do not wish to be on long term medication.

Apparently, medications usually contain chemicals such as steroids and it will no longer be effective if you stopped using it. I really don’t wish to be on long-term medication anyway.

Especially during this current pandemic that all of us have to wear masks whenever we go out of the house.. my skin condition is worse than before!

I started to lose confidence in my look due to acne & acne scars. I did not have courage to post any photos on my Facebook page without adding a ‘beauty filter’ on it.

Having a sensitive skin is actually hard to seek a good skincare product that perfectly suit me. Many products are deemed to be strongly inflaming the skin as it may contains “harsh” ingredients that use to fight acne. 

Consequently, it may cause a bad breakout. Using the wrong one will lead to redness and itchiness which makes me suffer a lot.

I realized that, I need a skincare that can help ‘repair’ my damaged skin.

Until a month ago, I was watching a Taiwan beauty show and they were introducing a Korean skincare called - JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm. It contains a herbal ingredient known as ‘cica’  that helps with skin repair & skin cell regeneration!


It is so popular that it can be seen and found everywhere in Taiwan!

Apparently is formulated by a Korean beauty manufacturer. It is specially designed for sensitive acne-prone skin (like me, omg!).

It is quite popular in Taiwan, Korea as well as Japan right now and thus I started doing some research on Google to check if it’s really effective.

I was quite surprised that there are quite a flood of positive reviews for this skincare product! Users shared their experience using JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm that how it helps to deal with acne issues with some images of their successful outcome!

Okay, this is really convincing and I really feel like trying it now.

Knowing it contains herbal & natural ingredient known as “cica” with strong regenerative ability, not to mention that it has been certified on Medical Beauty Level too, I decided to purchase it!!

And here are my photos after using it for few weeks.

Spot the differences? My skin glows and my acne issues improved!!


After using this Korean's legendary all-purpose balm, JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm, I no longer need to squeeze my acne, nor covering it up with heavy makeup!!

With the use of the latest Korean skincare regenerative technology ‘Cica’ (AKA Centella Asiatica) and other ancient Chinese essences that have a strong regenerative ability help in reducing acne, improving acne scars & stabilizes the skin's physiology.

I sometimes use it for my back acne after shower - yes, it can be used for whole body!

Look at the texture~
Just squeeze an appropriate amount of the balm and apply it gently on face - as easy as that!


It’s so gentle, spreadable, refreshing and fast-absorbing!

It works exactly as described~

It has ranked No.1 on Japan’s skincare awards and achieve 97.3% in user satisfaction level.

The best part that I love the most is that JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm helps to protect the skin from UV rays which may cause aging while prevent acne.

In other words, it helps to brighten our skin as well as works against acne scars & wrinkles effectively! No wonder it is so popular selling in Korean clinics for skin repair!

It has passed actual dermatology tests so it's safe for sensitive skin:

  • NO alcohol
  • NO synthetic pigments
  • NO mineral oils
  • NO silicone
  • NO parabens
  • NO fragrances
  • NO coloring agent

So far there’s no any skin irritation issue occurred on me yet.

I’m totally satisfied with it~

I can finally post my photos without beauty filters on!

For those who are facing the same problem as me, JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm is definitely worth trying!

I bought it from Japan Premium, and it’s selling really fast!

You can even get 1 FREE SUNSCREEN with purchase of 2 units at only RM225! (Normal price for 1 unit: RM125)

1 FREE JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm  and 1 FREE SUNSCREEN with purchase of 3 units with RM337.50 in their official site.

We can all become a #nofilter beauty with JeogSeoul Ultra Repair Cica Balm❤️ 

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