What you should look out for in a good anti-spot serum

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Do anti-spot serums really work?

Surprisingly, yes. According to dermatologists, anti-aging spot treatment works in reducing the appearance of dark spots, fighting wrinkles and fine lines. Regularly using anti-spot products, such as moisturizers, eye creams, and anti-spot creams can really make a real difference in how your skin looks and feels. 

I’m an outgoing sporty-kind person and love joining outdoor activities. I worshiped the sun🌞 and never wore any sunscreen since younger age as I felt that applying sunscreen on my skin was gross and I don’t really like the sticky feeling on my face.

Besides, I spend a little too much time glued to my phones and starring at screen than ever before. The blue light exposure causes oxidative stress on my skin resulting in premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, redness and damage to the skin cells. Blue light delays recovery of the skin barrier too! 😰

Therefore, dark spots (also known as sun spots) slowly appearing on my cheeks causing skin discoloration when I just turned 30! Oh no, this was bad and I’ve tried several whitening products but the dark patches on my skin still wont' go away!! 😭

Dark spots on the skin


I then realized that...

I didn’t use product that contains the right ingredients that combat dark spots.

Some whitening products claim to help prevent dark spots but is not effective in lightening existing one until I saw an advertisement online in Facebook.

Mskin White C Whitening Serum for dark spots

It’s about a serum that contains 2 main ingredients which are meant to REDUCE & PREVENT dark spots - OMG, which means it is a double-action serum!

And the phrase “Japan Rakuten General Ranking NO.1 in reducing & preventing dark spots” really caught my eyes so I immediately google & research on it.

Mskin White C ranked no. 1 in Rakuten & Amazon Japan


How I managed to get rid of acne hyperpigmentation on my face

Surprisingly, I found that it is really effective and super safe to be used by people with sensitive skin at the same time! Isn’t it specially designed for people like me that my skin can easily get redness & itchy after using the wrong products!

They have also implemented a research and test based on 45 women who used MSkin the White C Serum, aged 30-50 in Japan and achieved the following results after 3 MONTHS USAGE:

skin brightness +28%

❤ +25% visibly youthful skin

❤ +33% moist skin

I immediately looked on Shopee and found that it is available at “Japan Premium”. Below are the reviews and it seems that many people love it!

Mskin White C testimonials & reviews

They have so many positive reviews on the serum and I always have faith in Japanese products so I decided to give it a try!

Mskin White C bottle - front


Best treatment for dark spots on face

So here comes the point: the serum - MSkin the White C Serum, is formulated with 2 powerful ingredients, which are Vitamin C and Arbutin, that helps to prevent and improve spots while the additional ingredient is Dipotassium Glyxyrrhizinate which it helps to relieve for sunburn & redness.

Relieve for sunburn & redness

After using MSkin the White C Serum for 2 months, I found that my dark spots started to turn into a lighter colour, not to mention that my light freckles and pigmentation have actually improved too!!

Improved pigmentation on the face after applying Mskin White C Serum

As I’ve mentioned that I don’t really like to apply sunscreen in the beginning, and this serum has actually helped to protect my skin cells damaged due to UV exposure. My husband said that my skin actually get brighter and more radiant after using it! I can actually noticed that too - this serum helps to even out my skin tone!

Hwo to apply Mskin White C Serum on the face

I normally apply it before bedtime. Just squeeze out a few drops and apply it gently on the face after face wash. Easy-peasy!

Mskin White C Serum on the hands

For people who are having sensitive skin like me, you have nothing to worry about!  

❌ Paraben

❌ Ethanol

❌ Mineral oil

❌ Synthetic fragrance

❌ Synthetic coloring

❌ UV absorbents


Mskin White C Serum Before and After image

This is one of the women that used MSkin the White C Serum for 3 months! Look at her skin!!

OMG! I’m super excited and couldn’t wait what would happen on my face too!! I will definitely continue using this for better results!

So in love with its light and non-sticky texture!! You know what’s the best part- 1 bottle can actually last for 1.5 months, good value for money! I bought this from Japan Premium and they are having great deals now:


Buy 2 MSkin White C Serum & GET

🎁FREE 1 sunscreen

total worth RM238.40! 🤩


We really need to start spot prevention earlier as once you have it, it is quite difficult to completely remove it.

So girls, if you're looking for a good dark spots remover for face, then make sure you grab yourselves one with this exciting offer and start your anti-spot journey now!

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*This is based on personal views and opinions and individual results may vary accordingly, similar results from the photos are not guaranteed


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